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A Kid’s Life: Canada

6 Sep

Another installment of A Kid’s Life is ready!  As I’ve said in previous posts, I absolutely love doing this series and reading about all the differences from families from around the globe.  You learn a lot about a culture by what they do on a daily routine basis.  I now know that they eat miso soup for breakfast in Japan, the school bus arrives at 6:45am in the Philippines, in Italy they have 3 1/2 months of summer holidays from school, some kids are “red shirted” in America and in Tasmania your kids can choose to study Japanese, Chinese or Italian (among other languages) at school.  I adore learning all these little tidbits about the daily grind from other countries and cultures!

And this time it’s…….Canada!  I’m obviously really excited for this interview due to the fact  I spent the first 25 years of my life in Canada.  Just reading this interview brought back lots of lovely memories of my childhood.  I loved reading that they eat dinner at 5pm.  They don’t believe me here in Italy that I used to eat that early. 5pm is snack-time over here.

Sandra is part of this amazing network of bloggers that I’ve come into contact with and I really admire her outlook and enthusiasm on life.  Her blog Raincoast Cottage is one of those sites that I blame my messy house on.  I end up on that site for ages almost every time I pop over.  Her recipes are amazingly diverse, her links are always so interesting and her love for photography is a shared passion that I can really relate to.  Her posts are honest, frank and down-to-earth.  I really appreciate that in a blog (and in a person actually).

So let’s take a little peek into the life of this Canadian family…

 What country do you live in?

I live in Canada – specifically, on the west coast of Canada in a medium-sized city called Vancouver. It’s a large country and defined very much by geography. Where I live is very rain forest-like. Lots of rain most of the year and lush and very little snow in the winter. Not what you usually think of when you think of Canada!

And although we are next to the US, we are very much strongly influenced by our founding countries, France and England. Also, being part of the Commonwealth provides strong ties to the United Kingdom as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, etc.

Are you and your husband the same nationality?

We are both Canadian. Canada is a nation of immigrants and we tend to think of ourselves as hyphenated – Our original nationality PLUS Canadian. It’s a mosaic rather than a melting pot. You don’t leave your origins behind when you become Canadian.

My husband is a second generation Canadian while I am a first generation Canadian whose parents immigrated from Eastern Europe.

Do you both work?  Or does someone stay at home?

We both work but the paid work is primarily done by my husband. He has a corporate-y job. By training I am a marriage & family therapist but have the luxury to choose to stay home with our six year old daughter.

How many languages are spoken in your house?  What one(s)?

English primarily. We’re a bilingual country so we all know French too.

How many kids do you have?  What are their ages?

We have one daughter who is six and ¾ (as she would say) and just started grade 2.

At what age do kids start school in your country?

Grade 1 is the first year of formal school and kids tend to start in the calendar year that they turn six. Most children also go to kindergarten when they are five. Many also do a few hours a day of nursery school when they are 3-4 years of age.

To be honest, I think we start too early! The Finns begin formal schooling at age 7 and have spectacular outcomes.

 During the school year what time do your kid(s)usually wake up?

My daughter is a morning person and luckily so are we as she tends to wake up between 6am and 7am no matter when she goes to bed. We all hit the ground running, so to speak.

What do your kid(s) typically eat for breakfast?

She usually starts with some fresh fruit – whatever is in season. Then lately it’s a toasted bagel with some butter. This past weekend we made crepes together.

 What time does school start?  What time does it finish?  What is the weekly school schedule? 

Her school starts at 8:30am. It’s a 20 minute walk each way through our neighbourhood and I love it! We have the most delightful conversations on the way to and from school.

She finishes at 3:30pm.

In addition to the academic subjects she has gym three times a week, three recesses daily, art, drama, and music.

Do your kids learn a second/third language at school?  From what age?

Being a bilingual country, everyone learns French and English. Here in the English speaking part of Canada you can also choose to go to a public French immersion school from grade 1 onward.

So when it starts depends upon the type of school – public or private, French immersion or not. And on top of that you can take an additional language in high school.

Do your kids eat lunch at school or home? What is a typical lunch for your kids?

She eats lunch at school and I can either make one for her to take along or order a hot lunch. I go through the menu with her and order two months ahead. Pasta, salads, hamburger, etc. The usual.

This fall she’ll do the hot lunch three days a week and I’ll make her a lunch two days a week.

For the packed lunch I make pasta or a vegetable soup. Some fresh vegetables like bell peppers, cucumber, snow peas, carrots, or tomatoes. Fresh fruit like apples or berries. Snacks for one of three recesses like crackers or a cookie or pretzels.

Do your kids do any after-school activities?

It depends upon the season. I don’t want to overload her with after-school activities but she’s a pretty active girl. There’s a dojang in the neighbourhood that we walk to where she takes karate. And we live two blocks from a park where she is on a soccer team. Finally, there’s usually an art class or a drama/improv class. Some of this is on the weekend of course! I try and leave enough time to hang out and have some play dates with friends.

What time do you eat dinner?  What’s a typical dinner you would eat?

We eat around 5pm. She’s starving after school and snacks on fruit and vegetables til supper.

A typical dinner would be pasta or some grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. Dessert perhaps once a week. Meat probably three times a week. I’ll make stew in the winter. And we often go out for sushi.

How much television/computer time do your kid(s) have on a daily basis? 

We limit it to an hour of screen time a day. She can choose whether it’s a favourite tv show that we tape ahead of time or playing Plants vs. Zombies. In addition to minimizing it, I like her having to make a choice. Sometimes you make a lesser choice but you learn!

What time do your kid(s) go to bed?

She is “full on” once she is up and needs still about 11 hours a night. In the summer she’s up til 8 but during the school year she’s in bed ready to sleep by 7:30pm.

 What are some typical family week-end activities?

This is an outdoors and sporty city. Hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, running, yoga  – all are a priority for those who live here. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

In the summer we’ll go walk/bike along the beach. Go to a farmer’s market. Play in the playground. Jump on the trampoline.

Winter – swim, ski and snowboard (we live 45 minutes away from a number of local ski hills and 1½ hours away from Whistler). Play board games. Watch a movie together. Read books. Do crafts and art projects. Skating – we’re a big hockey nation so every kids learns to ice skate.

We might have some friends around for brunch or dinner. We try and see live music and go to museums as well.

When do your kids have vacation from school?

Summer vacation starts the last week of June and goes til the first week in September. Each month has a three day weekend (that’s for everyone, not just school kids). Two weeks at Christmas and a couple of weeks in the spring as well.

We love to travel – the winter break usually finds us in Hawaii and spring break this past year we went to Disneyland. My parents live 1½ hours away by plane so we fly there a few times a year. And an annual NYC fix for theatre and galleries and museums.

My husband has an extended leave coming up in the next few years and we are considering spending it overseas – most likely Europe.

What do your kid(s) do during the summer vacation?

Most kids go to day camp and then eventually an overnight camp. This past summer she’s gone to a bike camp (biking is very big here), soccer camp, karate camp, and an art camp.

July tends to be camps and August we rent a cottage on a lake and spend the time water skiing and wakeboarding and swimming.

 What are the typical “first foods” for a baby to eat in your country?

Solids usually aren’t introduced til 6 months and it’s usually rice cereal. We get a year of paid maternity leave so it’s much easier to breastfeed for longer too.

A Big thank you to Sandra for doing this interview.  I really loved reading it.  Previous posts in this series…Italy, Japan, America, The Philippines and Tasmania.

A Kid’s Life: Tasmania

31 Aug

Oh how I love this A Kid’s Life series!  I’ve had so much fun interviewing families from around the world and learning about their daily rhythms and traditions.  It’s so interesting to see what people from other cultures do differently and eye-opening to realise that sometimes a family from the other side of the world does the exact same things that we do.

This interview is with Jen who lives in Tasmania.  Jen and I were introduced through a fellow blogger friend (one of the many great things about blogging!) and she was so warm, friendly and willing to participate in this little series.  I love how she answered all the questions with so much honesty and humor.  Jen talks about the famous “witching hour”, the “mom guilt” and the Lego marathons with her adorable sons.

Other than being a mom and working part time at a small bookshop Jen also owns Dish Pig which is a business that designs and sells stylish, vintage inspired souvenirs for Tasmania.  Using modern typography they offer tea towels and aprons that are beautiful enough to be framed or made into cushions and not only used for drying dishes.

Jen is also the author of The Brother’s Trimm blog where she posts about great products for families, arts and crafts and kid’s fashion and literature.  She’s also a contributor to several other blogs and has recently started writing for Anorak magazine.  Like with many of my past interviewees I’m in awe at the amount Jen does.  Please let me in on the secret on how you make it all work!

Let’s hear what Jen has to say about her and her family’s daily life…

What country do you live in?

We live on an island called Tasmania, it’s the southern most state in Australia. I like to think of it as the Hawaii of the Antipodes…without the pretty lei’s, awesome surf and tropical hot climate!

Are you and your husband the same nationality?

No, my husband is from New Zealand and I am Irish.

Do you both work?  Or does someone stay at home?

My husband is an executive sous chef, while I am a Jack of all trades. I’m a children’s bookseller, blogger, children’s event organiser and small business owner, running a little homewares business called Dish Pig. I work at a lovely local indie bookshop 3 days a week, otherwise I work at night when the kids are in bed.

How many languages are spoken in your house?  What one(s)?

English and a few chosen words in Irish when I’ve run out of patience with the kids.

How many kids do you have?  What are their ages?

We have two boys, Jack is a thoughtful 5 year old while Charlie boasts a rambunctious 3.5 years.

At what age do kids start school in your country?

In Tasmania, kids start kindergarten the year they turn 5. In other states around the country it differs. Ridiculous I know. Our boys attend(ed) an early learning centre which introduces kindergarten methods from an early age. This really helped Jack in his transition to ‘big school’ and Charlie is chomping at the bit to get started.

During the school year what time do your kids usually wake up?

Without fail, our youngest is awake and nestling into our bed just after 6. He knows the silent drill until the alarm goes off not long after. Our eldest will usually wake up around 6.30am

What do your kids typically eat for breakfast?

Porridge,weetbix or muesli with a yoghurt, honey and berry topping are on high rotation.

What time does school start?  What time does it finish?  What is the weekly school schedule?

I drop off Jack at 8.30 for a 9am start with Charlie arriving at his preschool just before 9. Kindergarten differs to regular school, they only attend 3 days from 9am til 3pm with a half day on Wednesdays. From prep upwards it’s 5 days a week, 9-3pm for primary school. After school care is offered at Jack’s school which is a lifesaver for someone like me. I collect them at 5 and 5.15 pm respectively and we are home by 5.30pm

Do your kids learn a second/third language at school?  From what age?

Not yet, but French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese are all offered in primary schools as part of the curriculum. Not all schools offer all 6 languages. It usually differs from school to school.

Do your kids eat lunch at school or home? What is a typical lunch for your kids?

The boys both eat lunch at school and preschool. They’ll have a sandwich, crackers, yoghurt, fruit (fresh or dried), a mini salad and a bottle of water.

Do your kids do any after-school activities?

Not at the moment while they are still young, but the school offers karate, soccer, film and book clubs. There’ll also be the future guitar lessons I’m sure I’ll be nagged for…

What time do you eat dinner?  What’s a typical dinner you would eat?

During the week, we try to eat at 6.30pm, perhaps a little later at the weekend. A typical weekly menu would include meatballs, fried rice, a pasta something or other, sausages with lots of veggies, roast chicken and the friday night obligatory home made pizza.

How much television/computer time do your kids have on a daily basis?

No computer time yet, but TV is usually allowed during the witching hour while I cook dinner. We are a little more relaxed on Saturday mornings.

What time do your kids go to bed?

I have them in bed at 7. Depending on their day and mood, they’ll be asleep in 5 minutes or still be ”reading” at 8.

What are some typical family week-end activities?

Unfortunately Daddy is often working at weekends so I tend to fly solo. We catch up with pals or enjoy a bush walk (we have a stunning selection of native forest and walking trails here). The aim is to  get out as much as possible really and burn off the boys unending supply of energy. If the weather isn’t great, we  might head to the local museum, visit a market or stay home for a lego marathon.

When do your kids have vacation from school?

This is our first year experiencing school holidays and it seems Jack has vacation time every other week! There are 3 terms here so apart from summer holidays (Christmas – February), there is a couple of weeks break at Easter, June and September.

What do your kids do during the summer vacation?

I hate answering this question as I’m riddled with guilt. Having no family here means we are really stuck when it comes to summer vacation. It’s the busiest time of the year for my husband and I too have to work, so 3 days a week the boys either attend daycare of vacation care. This summer will be our first year trialling vacation care for Jack. My saving grace is that they’re not away from home 5 days a week, otherwise the poor kids would never have a rest. Next year we’re planning a special family holiday overseas during the Tasmanian winter to make up for our summer non-vacation.

What are the typical “first foods” for a baby to eat in your country?

Rice porridge is the norm followed by stewed pear and apple. Then it’s pumpkin time and the palate slowly develops from there.

Many thanks to Jen for this great interview.  Check out previous interviews from Italy, Japan, America and The Philippines.

A Kid’s Life: The Philippines

24 Aug

I’m really excited to present the newest in my A Kid’s Life series.  This series is a way for all of us to learn a little bit about different family daily routines, traditions and culture from countries all over the world.  I’ve really loved doing all the previous interviews from Italy , Japan and America.

Today’s interview is with Audrey.  I met Audrey through a fellow blogging friend (thanks Deepa!) and from our first e-mail exchange I knew she was a kindred spirit.  Audrey is warm and friendly.  And busy!   This woman has three children, runs  and owns an amazing kid’s clothing company and apparently is just about to open a restaurant.  And on top of all these things and the fact she was living through some pretty horrific weather conditions in The Philippines she was more than willing to take the time to do this interview.

First I would like to talk a little about their clothing company.  I love it that Audrey and her husband decided they wanted to build a family together and agreed on needing the independence of working for themselves.  They felt taking the entrepreneur route would make their lives more open and free to having a healthy family life.

Their kid’s clothing company is called googoo&gaga and they describe it as a quirky clothing company for kookie kids.   On their website they write that they want to spread good tidings and cheer, a little bit of fancy and a little bit of crazy with each wearable art piece.  And they are indeed pieces of art.  You simply shop through their collection of designs and  have it printed on your choice of onesie, lap shirt, baby dress or toddler t-shirt.

I love Audrey’s warmth that comes through in her interview and her love for her family shines through.  Some things that surprised me in the interview?  In The Philippines they eat Spam and the school bus picks up the kids at 6:45am!  

Let’s see what Audrey has to say about their daily life and routines…

What country do you live in?

The Philippines

Are you and your husband the same nationality?

Yes we are (Filipino)

Do you both work or does someone stay at home?

We both work from home.

How many languages are spoken in your house?

Two, English and Filipino.

How many kids do you have?  What are their ages?

Three.  Gabe is 11, Gia is 2 years and 4 months and Giorgia is 1 year old this Friday!

At what age do kids start school in your country?

It used to be five years old for 1st grade but younger kids are now going into playschool at 2 years of age.

During the school year what time do your kids usually wake up?

Gabe, our eldest, is the only one who goes to school.  He wakes up at 6am so he can finish his breakfast and get ready for school.  The school bus comes at 6:45am.

What do your kids typically eat for breakfast?

Gabe has a wider range of food choices now. He’s a growing boy and can eat more than I do!  He likes Spam, bacon, eggs, with rice!  The girls, since they are younger, can STILL be imposed on. So we serve them healthier options like fruits, cereals, pancakes, bread, yogurt, etc.

What time does school start?  What time does it finish?  What is the weekly school schedule?

School starts at 730am and ends at 330pm. Fridays are Club Days so they end at 430pm on those days.

Do your kids learn a second/third language at school?  From what age?

English is the medium of instruction in most big schools here. Filipino is taught as a subject.

Do you kids eat lunch at school or at home?  What is a typical lunch for your kids?

Gabe has lunch at school.  We talked to the school’s lunch mistress so he can just choose what he wants to have for lunch daily.  The girls both eat table food already, which means they eat what we eat.  I make sure each meal includes at least one meat dish and one vegetable dish plus rice.

Do your kids do any after-school activities?

Gabe isn’t allowed playtime on school days. After school, his time is devoted to doing homework or doing advanced reading.

What time do you eat dinner?  What’s a typical dinner you would eat?

Around 8pm. Dinner is the same as lunch — rice, one meat dish, one vegetable dish, fruits or ice cream if we have it. The family loves fried chicken, yakiniku steak, beef or pork stew, adobo (pork or chicken marinated and cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, bay leaves — a popular Filipino dish!).

What time do your kids go to bed?

Everyone’s out by 10pm!

What are some typical family week-end activities?

We make sure we visit one set of grandparents every weekend. We do it alternately, so if this weekend finds us in my parents’ house, next weekend we’re at my husband’s parents’.  Since my husband and I both work from home, we can readily bring the two younger ones to the supermarket or the mall for short breaks on weekdays. We make sure we are home before the eldest is back from school.

How much television/computer time do your kids have on a daily basis?

The younger girls, Gia and Georgia, are only allowed a maximum of 2-3hours of TV a day, spread out at different periods. I make them choose which kid-friendly programs they like best. I try to have different activities for them during the day, including quiet time when they can choose whatever they feel like doing, whether it is to craft and paint (for Gia) or walk and explore (for Georgia). My husband and I do not watch a lot of TV ourselves, so we let Gabe sit with us when we do. He’s only 11 and still needs parental supervision.

When do your kids have vacation from school?

Summer in the Philippines starts in March and ends early June.

What do your kids do during the summer vacation?

We try our best to go out of town or out of country trips during the summer. It’s great to bring the kids to new places where bonding time is doubly fun! The eldest also enrols in summer activities like basketball camp, swimming sessions, or little chef’s classes.

What are the typical “first foods” for a baby to eat in your country?

Always vegetables and fruits. 🙂

Many thanks to Audrey for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions.  And best of luck to her in all her wonderful projects!  Stay tuned for upcoming interviews from Tasmania and Canada!

If you’re interested in being interviewed for this series please contact me at

A Kid’s Life: USA

13 Aug

I’m happy to present another A Kid’s Life interview today.  This series is a way for us all to learn a little bit about daily family life from countries around the world.  I’ve absolutely loved the last two interviews from Italy and Japan.  I can’t get enough of  hearing about all those cultural differences between countries and daily kid rhythms.

Today’s interview is with Jen from the Classic Play! blog.  Jen lives in America, is mom to two beautiful kids, wife to a talented photographer and filmmaker and exudes an energy that baffles me.   Her blog Classic Play! is a fountain of ideas, resources and creative endeavors for families everywhere.  This blog has saved my sanity on more than one occasion when I had a house full of bored kids (her kid’s art projects are a fave of mine).

On top of running her successful blog she’s co-owner of a really neat kid’s toy company and even writes for various other sources.  Jen is all about inspiring and motivating families to get creative.  And I love that.

I’m really grateful that she took the time to answer my questions and give us all a peek into her and her family’s daily life.    And I learned some new things…I’d never heard of red shirting before in my life!   So here we go…

What country do you live in?

The United States

Are you and your husband the same nationality?


How many languages are spoken in your house?  Which one(s)?

Just one, English.

How many kids do you have?  What are their ages?

We have two children.  Ellie is 9 and Jonah is 7.

At what age do kids start school in your country?

Many kids in America, if they’re not in daycare, start school in a private preschool around age 3 or 4 for a couple half days a week. The public system kicks in at age 5 with kindergarten. Parents do have the option to hold their child back one year, which more and more families are doing. It’s a phenomenon called Red Shirting. It’s not very popular in my area, but in other parts of the country, it’s become the norm.

During the school year at what time do your kids usually wake up?

Between 7 and 7:15am.

What do your kids typically eat for breakfast?

My kids have a several favorites: yogurt with honey, cold cereal with milk, scrambled eggs and toast, and oatmeal with a little maple syrup. On weekends we have waffles or pancakes.

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A Kid’s Life: Japan

23 Jul

A while back I published my first post in my A Kid’s Life series.  I give a short interview with families from around the world about their daily traditions and routines.  I thought it would be a great way to see how other people pass a regular day in their life and see how it differs from ours.

For this A Kid’s Life post I decided to contact my friend Kumi who lives in Japan.  Kumi and I studied French together many years ago and she is one of those gentle, generous souls.  We’ve kept in touch on and off over the years via snail mail and we recently got to see each other again in person on our recent trip to Japan.  We met as young single women and are now both happily married mamas.  How times have changed.

After spending time with Kumi and her family we realized that although we live in different countries with different cultures and daily rhythms, some things about life with kids are universal.  Such as ice cream and skip rope!

Here’s Kumi’s interview accompanied by a few photos that I took while staying with them.  Enjoy!

Where do you live?

We live in Japan.

Are both you and your husband the same nationality?

Yes, we are both Japanese.

How many children do you have?  What are their ages?

We have one daughter who is 7 years old.

Do you both work or does someone stay at home?

My husband works full time and I work only 2 days per week.

How many languages do you speak at home?

We speak Japanese together.  Sometimes we speak some English as a sort of game.

At what age do kids start school in your country?

In Japan kids start school at 6 or 7 years old.

During the school year, what time do you wake up?

We wake up at 6:30am.

What is a typical breakfast for your family?

We eat rice balls and miso soup.

What time does school start and finish?  What is the weekly school schedule?

My daughter is in the second grade and starts school at 8:40 and finishes at 2:20pm.  In the higher grades the kids finish at 3:15pm.  In second grade the kids learn Japanese, arithmetic, drawing, manual arts, physical training, calligraphy, music and life studies.

Do your kids learn a second or third language at school?  From what age?

In Japan they learn English from the second grade.  They learn English games and songs…not too hard!

Do kids eat lunch at home or at school?  What is a typical lunch?

Usually kids eat lunch at school.  They mainly eat rice or bread and milk but sometimes also Chinese, Italian, Korean and Mexican food.

Do your kids do any after-school activities?

My daughter doesn’t do any after-school activities but this is VERY rare in Japan.  Usually almost all kids do dance, swimming, calligraphy, English, abacus etc etc.

What time do you eat dinner?  What is a typical dinner you would eat?

We usually eat around 7pm.  A favorite dinner of my husband is okonomiyake (Japanese pizza).

How much television/computer time do your kids have on a daily basis?

Usually 2 hours.

What’s bed time in your house?

My daughter goes to bed around 9:30pm.

What are some typical family week-end activities?

In the mornings my daughter watches cartoons and then we do some shopping and go anywhere my daughter wants!

When is the school vacation?

In the summer there is the 44 days of summer vacation from late July to late August.  Then there are a few weeks in December and in March/April.

What are the typical “first foods” for a baby to eat in your country?

A vegetable soup made with white radish or cabbage and boiled fish or meat paste.

Do you notice any big differences between Kumi and her family’s life and yours?  I personally love the breakfasts they eat and the fact that school ends so early in the afternoon.  Any other questions that you think might be interesting to ask?  Check out the last A Kid’s Life:Italia here.

A Kid’s Life: Italia

26 Jun

One of the things I’m most interested in is a country’s daily traditions, routines and culture.  I love learning about what an average person does on an average day and finding out all the big and more discreet differences compared to my and my family’s daily routine and happenings.

When I meet a new family from a different country I can usually be found grilling them with questions regarding what they eat, their school system, their free time activities, their daily schedules and vacation rituals.  It’s so interesting to learn about a new culture through what they do on a daily routine basis.

We personally are a bit of a mixed family in regards to our daily routines and traditions thanks to the fact we are a Canadian and a Belgian living in Italy.  We have sort of adopted different aspects of all three cultures and mixed it all up into our daily grind.  It works for us but I’m sure some people would find it absolutely confusing.

So I’ve decided to contact some families from various countries and ask them some pretty basic and simple questions regarding their family and kid’s daily life.  The last question is my favorite, it’s really something I find so interesting to hear from different cultures.  Hope you enjoy it!

I thought I would interview an Italian family as the kick-off to this series.  Gaia has been a good friend of mine for years and is also a fellow blogger (check out her site patasgnaffi).  Let’s see what she has to say about her daily life.

Where do you live?
I live in Northern Italy on Lago Maggiore

Are both you and your husband the same nationality?
Yes, both Italian.

How many children do you have? What are their ages?
We have 3 kids: a 10 year old boy, a little 6 year old girl who is convinced she’s a princess and wee little gnome of a girl who just turned one.

What language(s) do you speak at home?
We speak Italian at home.

In Italy what age do kids start school?
In Italy kids start elementary/Primary school at 6 years old, which means La Principessa will start this coming September.  {Jillian: Italian Scuola Materna (kindergarten)  starts at 3 years old}

During the school year, what time do your kids get up in the morning?
We all get up at 7:15

What do your kids eat for breakfast?
I always try to have a cake or some muffins made for breakfast, but often my kids prefer to eat bread with butter and jam or cereal with fruit.  There is always freshly squeezed orange juice on the table and La Principessa has discovered that a good omelet in the morning is fantastic!

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