Attention catching

8 Mar

Some things that have caught my attention lately…

-This bizarre looking citrus plant that I came across at the local garden shop.  It scares me.

-How much 7 year old boys are impressed with swear words.  And considering the particular one that I know speaks 4 languages (more or less) the list of swear words is pretty long.  And his favourite thing to tell people now is the word for seal in French.  Go figure.

-My daughter telling me she can feel her heart beat in her knees sometimes.  Which reminds me that I have to google “is it normal to feel your heart beating in your knees?”.

-These old fridges in a mercatino usato.

-A man peeing on my front gate (right below my mailbox).  And not for the first time.  Let’s just say he got an earfull and the word “cretino” might have been uttered.

-M&M’s have come out with new designer coloured peanut m&m’s in dark chocolate.  Nice colours but not so tasty for this Belgian chocolate loving gal.

-This sign that I came across in Chinatown in Milan.  What in the world is a “cock fish ball”?

-My itchy watery eyes, sore throat and runny nose.  Yep…spring has arrived.  Crack open the box of antihistamines.

-My son’s new hip hop dance choreography.  While watching his class yesterday I noticed the dance starts out with all the kids pretending to light a cigarette, take a few deep drags and then throw it on the ground.  I think not.  The crotch grabbing I can (almost) handle but the fake smoking doesn’t stand a chance.

-The fact our neutered male cat has suddenly taken a liking to one of our beautiful knit blankets.  And by liking I mean loving.  And by loving I mean….well you get it.  Is this normal?

-And most importantly this video has caught my attention.  An amazing initiative that involves helping children.  Let’s all get involved.


One Response to “Attention catching”

  1. Kat March 9, 2012 at 18:07 #

    funny list. and citrus monster? plants can be weird. we have a smeg-ish fridge here too but we’re leaving this house.. oh and fake smoking – errr, no.

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