Flow and Scout

5 Aug

A few weeks ago I discovered a new favorite magazine called Flow.  It’s a Dutch magazine full of beautiful handmade creations, stunning photography, artistic souls and so so much more.  The magazine is in Dutch but you don’t even have to understand it to be able to love it.


They’ve put a unique touch on everything from the writing styles to the fonts to the fact they use different sorts of paper throughout the magazine.  They keep you up-to-date on everything new and innovative in the whole lifestyle/creative scene.

While browsing through a recent copy of the magazine I found a small article about Scout which is a content marketing agency located in Portland, Oregon.  Scout offers these absolutely amazing monthly 3-d calendars for free.  You just have to visit their site and sign up for the calendar of the month club to receive it by e-mail.

Here is August’s calendar.  How sweet is this?

I, for obvious reasons, really fell in love with this one.

And this one too.

Check out the Scout blog here and the Flow site here.


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