Bits and Bobs

2 Apr

It has been a pretty busy and action filled few weeks around here.  We had my in-laws here for two weeks, an 11th birthday celebration, Easter and many day-trips and outings along the way.  Despite the horrible grey and rainy weather is was a really wonderful time for all of us.

Every now and then when I’d mention to friends that I had my in-laws here for a few weeks they would look at me with pity and tell me things like “you’ll get through it” and “hang in there”.  But luckily for me I really do have the greatest and most easy going in-laws ever.  I’ll admit it, I was quite sad when they left.  And the kids are still wandering around the house at a loss for what to do without their enthusiastic playmates that were always available to play a (4 hour) game of Monopoly, go for a walk into town or partake in a Ping Pong championship.

Here are a few images of our past few weeks:

A little trip to Lago di Como and lunch in the famous town of Bellagio.1-IMG_7098

I’m still in shock that my teensy weensy little twin baby girls turned 11 last week.  How did they go from being able to fit in their Papa’s shoe to these long lanky pre-teens?


It was a rarity that we actually celebrated Easter in our own home this year.  Usually we are in Belgium at the grandparent’s house or somewhere far away on vacation.  Last year we were actually admiring the cherry blossoms in Kyoto on Easter morning.  But this year we really appreciated the first sun we had seen in weeks by strolling along the lake and then enjoyed an amazing Peking Duck dinner (not very Easter-y but so delicious).

Easter stroll at the lake.  Learning how to skip stones and admiring the perfectly round dot on the back of the Jack Russel who kept us company on our entire walk.


3 Responses to “Bits and Bobs”

  1. Jen April 2, 2013 at 16:23 #

    Happy Birthday to your girls! Your photos are gooorgeous!

    Our Easter was rather low key too. The kids each got a chocolate bunny and then we just kinda hung around until dinner with the in laws who live just a few minutes away.

    • Jillian in Italy April 2, 2013 at 17:14 #

      Low key is good. And what more do the kids need than a good chocolate bunny? My kids got the same. What’s up with all this gift giving I’m seeing for Easter?

  2. Judith April 3, 2013 at 00:28 #

    Love the colorful celebrations and views from your trip! And your girls look absolutely adorable! I’m all for low key celebrations too: the best thing is spending time with people you love 🙂

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