Traveling With Kids: Lago Maggiore, Northern Italy

31 May

There’s a new Traveling With Kids post up on the wonderful creative parenting blog Classic Play today.  This time I take you on a little tour of Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy. I’ve lived in this region for over a decade and have explored the area with kids of every age (my kids were even born in a little hospital on the shores of the lake).   If you are a family that loves the great outdoors then this is the place for you.  We have world class hiking, water sports and activities of every kind and quaint picturesque towns.  Not to mention the city of Milan less than an hour away.  It’s a pretty dreamy place if I do say so myself.

Lago-Maggiore-Italy Read post here.


One Response to “Traveling With Kids: Lago Maggiore, Northern Italy”

  1. Elisa (@HipMom) June 2, 2013 at 19:52 #

    I love the lakes in Northern Italy! We did Garda a couple of years ago and Como last year, and I it’s about time we return to Lago Maggiore, haven’t been there in years – not for more than a few hours, and on the Swiss side at that. Off to check out your post!

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