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10 (x2)

28 Mar

Ten years ago today my life (and my belly button) changed forever.

I still can’t believe it was a decade ago that I was waiting in the operating room of a small rural Italian town, surrounded by 20 doctors, nurses (and what seemed just innocent bystanders) getting ready to meet “La Principessa” and “La Contessa”  for the first time.

And I still remember the awe I felt when they showed me those miniscule little babes for the first time.  Awe at how tiny they were.  Awe at how they looked and how completely different they were from one another (we hadn’t know whether they were identical or fraternal beforehand).  Awe at how much my life had changed from one second to another.

The last 10 years have gone by in a flash and have been so full of love, adventure and so many amazing times together as a family. I’m so excited  and curious to see what life brings Eva and Chloe in the future.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be pretty amazing though.


Rally Party

26 Mar

This past week-end was a non-stop birthday celebration for two of the sweetest girls I know.

It started on Saturday afternoon with a  rally race with all of their friends.  There were 10 clues (for the 10 years of the girl’s life), 2 chauffeurs, some bright yellow team head scarves and a lot of enthusiasm.

The 10 clues (which were hidden around the area)


The first clue read ” Go where you took your first breath of air”.  So off we rushed to the little small-town hospital where they were born.  The rest of the afternoon was busy passing by all the girl’s favorite spots from the last 10 years.  They had to climb to the top of an old tree in the park, walk along a river in the woods, go the the bakery, the gelateria, the local cow farm and all of our previous homes.

Some locals looked at us like we were absolutely nuts.  Others really played along and helped the kids search for clues (like the one that the ice cream guy hid and it took us over half an hour to find!).

Trampoline break in the middle of rally

In the end it took us almost 3 hours to finish the rally and all of the kids were so so happy.  They were always so excited to find each clue and figure out together what it meant and where they had to go next.  Afterwards we headed home for some well deserved cake (and a little prosecco for the parents).

When I tucked my girls into bed on Saturday evening one of them pulled me close and said ” Mama, that was the best afternoon of my life so far”.  Then other one then said “Me too Mama”.  

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