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Folkabilly Apron #3

29 Jan

And another folkabilly apron has been made!  As some of you may remember, last year I received a stack of vintage apron patterns from my grandmother and I have a goal to slowly make them all.   This is the third pattern I’ve tried (others are here and here).  These patterns are relatively easy to follow and have the bonus of having all the pattern pieces pre-cut (amazing how much time that saves!).

This is a really pretty half-apron that is actually really flattering when on.   My sewing group and I decided to sew the red version seen on the pattern envelope below.


The pattern involves some patchwork, rickrack, bias edging and a shaped high waistband.  So feminine and pretty.

I used some cotton fabric my mother had brought me in the fall and the floral/stripe combination ended up matching beautifully.



If I had had more rickrack on hand I would have included at least two more rows of it. You can never have too much rickrack on a vintage apron my friends.

1-IMG_5653I’m going to send this apron to my grandmother who just turned 91 years old.  She may not cook too much anymore but I think she will appreciate it just the same.


Folkabilly Apron

7 Mar

A few weeks ago my mother gave me some old vintage apron patterns that used to belong to my grandmother.  I finally chose a model I wanted to sew and this is the result.

I was going for a little folkabilly look (cross between happy homemaker from the 50’s, a folksy peasant lady and rockabilly).

The pattern was really easy to follow and I love the fact that all the pieces were already cut out and ready to use.  Which means my grandmother probably made this exact same apron about 50 years ago.

I’m going through an apron phase at the moment and I’m really looking forward to going apron shopping in Japan next month.  Maybe I’ll even find an easy to follow pattern such as this.

Vintage Aprons

2 Mar

I had to pass by the mercatino usato to pick up my prized table that I purchased the other day and it just so happened that there was a pile of never-used, linen grembiule (aprons) from the 60’s.  They are so beautiful and so well made.  And the patterns and colours are so gorgeous. I fell in love with all of them so I ended up buying….all of them.  They will make perfect aprons for all my baking (and my new goal to look prettier in the kitchen) and I’m sure more than a few will be gifted to fellow bakers who I know will appreciate them.

I’d like some of these as pretty little dresses for the summer.  Hmmm…is it possible to turn an apron into a dress?  Maybe with a few material insert pieces in the back?  Or maybe I can sew two together?  Ideas ideas…

The cut of the aprons is so flattering and the palette of colours so reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s.

Flowers and apples!  Is there anything cheery-er?

Vintage Aprons

19 Feb

A few days ago my mom arrived in Italy with a suitcase full of beautiful materials and a stack of vintage apron patterns that used to belong to my grandmother.  I’ve fallen in love with almost all of them and I will be definitely making some of them in the coming months.  It’s fun to see how beautiful women used to look in the kitchen with all those fancy aprons.  No yoga pants and sweatshirts to be seen in those days.  Look how dainty they all are!  Ruffled apron skirts, scalloped edges, embroidered pockets, quilted panels, lace edging and miniature pleats. I just love all the little details.   You can also see the prices on all of them…they ranged from 25 cents to 40 cents.  What a bargain!

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