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25 Nov

If you’re ever in the South of France and happen to be close to a town called Apt I would strongly recommend that you stop and visit the most beautiful pottery shop in the world.  My first time visiting the shop was about 5 or 6 years ago.  We were meandering through the market on a chilly spring day and we happened to pass this tiny little colourful shop on a corner of a little piazza.  The bowls in the windows were stacked from floor to ceiling.  The colours were so bright and cheerful we couldn’t help ourselves from going in to take a look.  My mother bought me 3 beautiful bowls with stripes and polka dots.  Despite the relatively thin terracotta that they are made of these bowls are very durable (ie. they survived 5 years in a house with 3 small children).

This past summer we found ourselves once again in the area of Apt so of course we went for a visit.  After walking around in circles in the centre of Apt we finally found it again and it was just as we had remembered it.  Still the same colourful bowls and dishes and still the same old bearded man making them in the corner of the shop.  In the end we stayed and chatted with him for over and hour.  A very interesting man with an amazingly artistic family.

I ended up buying quite a few bowls, plates and jugs this time.  That purple and striped salad bowl in the upper right hand corner of this photo became mine!

My complete collection which I use on a daily basis.

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