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Mucche della Mansarda

20 Feb

Not long ago I was rummaging through my mansarda (attic) and I came across an old frame with a portrait of an elderly woman in it.  It must have been taken in the 1920’s or 1930’s.  I wanted the frame for another project so I took out the old portrait and in between the portrait and the wooden backing I found this really bizarre photo of a couple of oxen (I love oxen!).  It’s old and the paper is really faded and brittle but I really love this photo.  It’s now hanging above my sewing machine and I find myself gazing at it often.  Maybe these cows used to live in what is now my garden.  Or maybe those cows that live at the cheese farm down the street are the great-great-great-great grandcows of these ones here in the photo.  Yeah…my kids like that story.

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