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17 Feb

It’s almost that Carnival time of year again.  Soon the streets will be filled with confetti, paper streamers and spray string (I hate that stuff).  Already all the bakeries have overflowing trays of freshly baked (fried) chiacchere.  There will be kids wandering the towns and cities dressed up as princesses, pirates, clowns, soldiers, cowboys and knights.  It’s an exciting time of year for Italian kids.  Lots of festas and even a day or two off school.

Amazingly enough one of my children actually wanted to wear the cloak that I made.  She was even excited about it.  In the end I did manage to hem it and it looks like a grade nine student Home Ec project.  As I was doing the last iron to make it look as good as possible (considering) I managed to melt part of the sleeve.  Gotta love those synthetic fabrics.  I told her not to let anyone approach the cloak for close inspection.



25 Jan

I popped into the fabric shop the other day to pick up some black cotton to make a hooded cloak for my son for Carnival.  I left the store with a slippery satin-y mulitcolored nightmare of a material.  The lady assured me it was a material that is “facilissimo” to work with (she actually said it was probably the easiest material to sew with).  Call me dumb to have believed her.  Call her evil to have said it.  In any case it was the most trying experience I’ve had in a while.  That fabric was slipping and sliding the whole time I was cutting and sewing it.  I just have to finish the hood of the cloak and it will be done and I can hide it away forever.  Just look at this material and all it’s shiny slippery evil-ness.

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