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Freddo e Felice

4 Dec

It has officially turned winter here.  We woke up on Sunday to below zero temperatures.  Okay, it was only -1 but it felt like -100 to me.  The cold permeates my body to the core of my bones.  I can’t seem to get warm from about mid-November until about mid-March.  I’m a sorry excuse for a Canadian.  The Italians can’t believe it when they hear me talking about how cold it is here.  They imagine all Canadians to be hardy, sturdy, cold-loving people.  Not me.  Nope, not in the least.

Despite the cold temps we decided to go out for a walk in the local woods on Sunday morning.  None of us were really in the mood to change out of our pajamas and venture outside but the promise of buying a Christmas tree at the end of the walk was motivation enough to get us out.  The day was clear and sunny and absolutely gorgeous.


This was the view from our walk in the woods.  Castle, lake, medievil church and mountains in the background.  Even after living here for over a decade I’m still in awe at the scenery that surrounds us.


Those kids who whined and complained about leaving the house ended up happily exploring the forest and lakeside for hours.


After carefully picking out our Christmas tree we headed home and started to decorate it in front of the fire.


And since we were in the Christmas decorating mood I decided to pull out my newly purchased felted acorns.  A talented friend of mine makes them and I love them so so much.  The kids found some branches in the woods which we spray painted white.  We then just simply put them in a vase and hung the little acorns.  Very simple but so lovely.


Slowly we’re getting into the swing of the holidays.  Lots of baking and sewing in the weeks ahead!

1-IMG_4240And to top off our first winter-y day we enjoyed our first melograno of the season.  Delicious.


Albero di Natale

6 Dec

After the kids arrived home from school today we put on a nice cozy fire, put on some Sinatra Christmas music, set out some chips and dip and got busy decorating our Christmas tree.   Here’s a little compilation of the photos we took during the decorating.

My hands are still stinging from all the needle pricks that I got trying to hang the ornaments.

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