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San Valentino

14 Feb

I’m wishing everyone out there a wonderful day full of love and happiness.  Not just because it’s Valentine’s Day though.  I think all of our days should be full of love and happiness.  

Here are the treats (not sugar free I’m afraid) that the kids are taking into their classmates and teachers.



1 Dec

It’s time to start thinking of some ideas for cookie decorating for the holiday season.  Once I sit down with my royal icing and blank cookies I go into some sort of trance.  A few hours will pass before I snap out of it and find a table full of cookies like the ones below.  I just find it so therapeutic.  Every year I give a little bag of these cookies to the local bakery and they always look quite dubious.  When I ask a few weeks later if they liked them they always respond with “Ma signora…sono troppe belle per mangiare!” (” Signora, they are too beautiful to actually eat!”).  I’m sure they have a dusty box full of these little sacks from years past.

I love the poppy seed eyes on the little wee chicks.  These were for my daughter’s spring birthday party…

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