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Felting with kids

30 Apr

Last week-end some friends and I organised a felting morning for all of our children.  We’ve done various felting workshops in the past with our kids and they’ve always really enjoyed it.  They’ve tried needle felting (a few painful stabs were felt) and the hot water with soap method (the room was SOAKED).  Either way the kids loved doing it and always finish feeling very proud of their work.

This time the kids were asked beforehand to make a relatively simple drawing of something they love or find beautiful.

They then had to cut out pieces of different coloured felt to re-create the drawing.  We put the drawing on the table with bubble wrap over top so it was easy to see.  They then placed all the pieces of felt on top of their design.

Then they placed a piece of cream coloured felt on top of their “felted drawing” and slowly poured hot soapy water over top.  They gently patted it with their fingers to start the actual felting process.Slowly the kids can start to see their designs coming through.  The fun part…patting, rubbing, rolling and throwing the felt around.Checking to see if it’s the desired size (the more you work the felt the smaller it gets).

A Japanese inspired temple gate and a lighthouse of her dreams.

A sunny sunflower and a winged princess (5 year old artist).A cherry blossom branch and a clown with umbrella.



17 Mar

I seem to be passing a lot of time in front of the sewing machine lately.  I go for ages without sewing a thing then suddenly I’ll have a month where I pass hours daily in my little sewing room.  Bits of thread are to be found all over the house, stuck to my clothes and in my hair.

Here’s another recent sewing project made in our sewing class.  Our zipper skills are slowly getting better.  Slowly being the key word here.  They are both essentially the same bag but we lined the second one.  Which was not an easy task.  There seems to be a lot of “sewing logic” that I’m still lacking. 

As much as I love that yellow material I’m officially sick of seeing it.  I’ve been sewing things with it for months.  So I guess that means it’s time to go to a beautiful Japanese material shop to buy some new fabrics. (The Japanese characters in the post title mean sew…I hope)

San Valentino

14 Feb

I’m wishing everyone out there a wonderful day full of love and happiness.  Not just because it’s Valentine’s Day though.  I think all of our days should be full of love and happiness.  

Here are the treats (not sugar free I’m afraid) that the kids are taking into their classmates and teachers.


24 Dec

This year one of my daughters had the idea to do a sort of Secret Santa with the family.  We all drew names out of a hat and were told we had to make something for that person (without telling anyone who we have).  Some people’s gifts were done five minutes later.  Some were put under the tree exactly 5 minutes ago (on Christmas Eve!).  I was a bit behind schedule with all the homemade gifts for friends this year so I finished mine yesterday afternoon (in between parties and cleaning the house).  Here’s the result…

Camera Strap II

20 Dec

In the end I couldn’t resist making a camera strap for myself as well.  This time I used a beautiful cotton on one side and jean on the other.  I’m thinking this one is a little more unisex than the pink floral (not that my husband would care about hanging a camera with a pink and turquoise strap around his neck).

Now I’m off to a photoshop course.   Here’s hoping there’s a feature to sharpen up all my out of focus photos (if not I’m off to the eye doctor to see about maybe getting some glasses).

Camera Strap

19 Dec

Another one of my week-end sewing projects was to make some camera straps.  I thought a few photo taking friends would find it a fun gift to receive.  Who knows if they’ll ever use it but I had fun making them.  And what an easy and quick gift to make!  In 1/2 an hour it’s cut, sewn, ironed and wrapped.

Looks as though it’s time to clean that mirror…

Tempo libero

11 Dec

With all the Sinterklaas parties and various holiday events lately I haven’t had a lot of time to sew.  But the last few days I have managed to start sewing some of the Christmas gifts for various teachers and friends.  One sewing machine is broken and the other one seems to be holding up so far (even with all the oilcloth I’ve been using). 

This shows how many different projects I have on the go at the moment.  By looking at our calendar I can’t seem to find a lot of time to get it all finished before Christmas.  I guess they’ll be some late nights spent in the sewing room.  It might actually help if our internet cut out for a few days…

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