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Fred’s Mini Cupcakes

11 Jan

My mother catered my grandmother’s 90th birthday party last week and there were these mini cupcakes that were divine (baked by Fred’s Salon Cafe & Gallery in Halifax).  There was Chocolate Pomegranate and Salted Caramel (or Apple butterscotch…dang I forget).  So delicious.

I think I’ll be giving these recipes a try very soon.


The Perfect Vanilla Cupcake

22 Dec

I have been searching for the perfect vanilla cupcake for decades!  Seriously.   I have tried out hundreds of different recipes trying to find a light and fluffy cupcake that isn’t too greasy or heavy or sweet or dry.  And today I have finally found it.  It’s from glorioustreats.blogspot.com.  They are still cooling on the rack as I write this so I haven’t frosted or decorated them yet.  But I can tell already that they will be delicious. 

{update}…I frosted them and tasted them and they are perfect.  Absolutely light and airy and tasty and not too sweet and not too dry and not too greasy. This is the cupcake and the frosting recipe from GloriousTreats.com.

Cupcake Season

23 Nov

Cupcake season is slowly arriving and I’m looking forward to it.  Sinterklaas parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties…there are more than enough occasions to keep me busy and happy.  I remember the Italians first reaction to cupcakes a decade ago when I  arrived in Italy.  They were confused and maybe a little fearful of them.   Fast forward 10 years and the Italians have finally accepted the famous cupcake and you can even buy them in specialty bakeries in Milan.  Nothing like a cupcake to make your day (or week or month).

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