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7 Feb

This morning I finally finished the carnival cloak that I started a few weeks ago.  And once again it had me on the edge of complete mental breakdown.  That material!  That slippery, slide-y, silky nightmare of a fabric.  Never again.  Ever.  But I didn’t give up.  And for that I’m very proud of myself.  The cloak might have pleats and puckers where there shouldn’t be.  And it might be left unhemmed.  And it’s even possible not one member of my family would be caught dead wearing it.  But that’s fine.  I chalk it all up to a really good learning experience in sewing and a reassurance that my mental state is pretty stable (I didn’t lose my cool…not even once).  After finishing the cloak we had time to make a quick fabric basket.  Very miniature but very sweet.  I’ll be making many more of these during these cold days at home.

Here’s the little fabric basket with the famous cloak hanging in the background.

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