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Japanese Sewing Books

14 Jun

The other day Amazon Italia delivered me two beautiful Japanese sewing books (in English!).  They are full of really great skirt, dress, shirt and pant patterns.  The books are really well laid out and the patterns explained in a very understandable manner (not the case for a lot of sewing books).

The book’s  styling and photography is really beautiful and the material used for the patterns really shows off the unique Japanese fashion sense.  I’d love to get my hands on some of those thick linens they use in a lot of the patterns.  They mention that a lot of the linens are actually Italian but I’ve have yet to discover where you can actually find them in Italy.The book Simple Modern Sewing always offers three variations to one pattern.  That way you can almost always find a style that suits you and your body type.  This checked top above will definitely be one of my first projects.Wish me luck.

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