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Kiva Kids

3 Nov

We are a very fortunate family.  So we try and do as much for other as we can.  A few weeks ago my children and a few friends decided they wanted to have a cake/cookie/coffee stand at a local market and give the money to a good cause.  After discussing with their friends they all decided on Kiva.  My kids have been loaning on Kiva for years and they love they fact that they can keep re-loaning the money to new people once it has been paid back.  So after a Saturday of constant baking, painting and planning the kids were ready for the market early the next day.  In the end they sold every single cupcake, cookie and brownie.  Plus lots of Papa’s nespresso coffee.  The grand total was 170 euro.  I guess the fact that they’re all adorable helped a bit.

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