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Lago Maggiore

30 Nov

Being a girl who who grew up on the Atlantic Ocean I didn’t think it would ever be possible to become a “lake and mountain” girl.  But after moving to one of Italy’s largest lakes which is surrounded by the Alps about a decade ago I have to admit that I’ve slowly become smitten with the whole lake/mountain thing.  We love to go sit by the lake and have a  picnic, swim or read.  We love to sail (we’re beginners).  We love to hike in the mountains with our children.  And we love to look down on the lake views from the top of said mountains.

For a while I was scared that I had abandoned my ocean girl roots but noticed that when I return to Canada and smell that thick salty air and see the Atlantic ocean I really do feel as though I’ve returned to my roots and my home.

So I’m happy to be on the lake, happy to be in the mountains and happy to be by the ocean.  Not a bad thing to be.

Lago Maggiore is Italy’s second largest lake and is situated on the south side of the Alps.  It extends for about 70 km from Arona (in Italy) to Locarno (in Switzerland).

Looking up the lake towards Switzerland (part of the lake is actually in Switzerland).

The local gull hangout.  All the cool birds hang out here.A bit further up the lake towards the Swiss border.  Dancing on the beach.

Lago Maggiore at dusk.  A very breathtakingly beautiful sight.

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