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Lam Musee d’Art Moderne

3 Aug

The other day we woke up in Belgium to a rainy cloudy sky.  We hadn’t really made plans for the day so we decided to drive to Lille, France to visit the Lam Modern Art Museum.  After wrestling the kids out of their pajamas and into normal clothing (they wanted to stay home and read comics all day) we made it out the door.

Luckily the French border is mere minutes from where we were staying and we made it to the museum in less than half an hour. The kids were slowly getting over their dismay at being forced out of the house and by the time we saw the museum they were actually excited to visit it.  They kept asking whether the “beetle-guy” (Jan Fabre) would be exhibiting seeing as it was a modern art museum.  Unfortunately for them he wasn’t.

The Lam Musee d’Art Modern is a great museum to take kids.  It has some really lovely permanent collections as well as temporary ones.  The museum isn’t too big which means the kids can visit all the collections without getting  too tired or  “bored”.

The museum offers modern art collections as well as contemporary art collections.  The kids loved all the cubist pieces and the way they evolved over time.  I always find it amazing what kids notice in art and they way they communicate what they see.  When they were looking at the Modigliani paintings they were commenting to each other on the ladies he painted and their long necks and noses, their blank eyes and sloped shoulders.  They also really enjoyed the room with art brut.  They loved reading the stories of the untrained artists and their life stories.

The museum offers (for a small fee) ipods for kids, teens and adults with guided tours of the museum.  Our girls took the French version of the teen tour (after 4 years of French as a second language!).

After our successful trip to the museum the kids were motivated and excited to walk into town with a box of charcoal and some paper to do some sketching at the local convent.

They all found a little spot with a view and sketched away for the rest of the afternoon.

After the drawings were finished we headed to the local waffle shop (of course).  All in all it was a perfect ending to our Belgian summer vacation.

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