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Cookies from Cannes

29 Feb

I have a good friend who goes to France on a regular basis and she often brings back delicious little French food items.  She’s brought us wines, cheeses, oils, patés, duck gizzards (for the husband) and once even a paper bag full of purple potatoes to plant in my garden.  Last week she knew my mom was in town so she brought her a box of macarons from a special shop in Cannes.  And they were what you’d expect them to be.  Absolutely delicious.  Some of the flavours were pistachio, apricot, blueberry, lavender and mocha.  Such delicate hints of flavours in some (lavender) and bursting flavours in others (apricot). 

I took a macaron making course once and came to the conclusion that I’m happy to enjoy them when they’re made by someone else or bought.  A little too fussy and labour intensive for my liking (a bit like the petit fours I attempted not long ago).

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