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Gratefully Grateful *20*

17 Jun

It has been a while since I published a Gratefully Grateful post.  I’ve sat down several times to do it but for some reason just couldn’t.  And it’s not because I haven’t had anything to be grateful for lately.  It’s actually quite the opposite.

I’ve spent time with wonderful people (Mom!), visited beautiful places, eaten delicious meals, read interesting books, taken lots of memorable photos and planned exciting future trips.

But I’m happy to be back here today and share some of my favourite images of the last few weeks.  I really do love looking back on these posts and remembering the little moments and details behind them.


Here’s to the end of the school year which is (slowly) coming to an end.
Here’s to sultry hot summer days and melted gelato dripping down my kid’s arms.
Here’s to the copious amounts of fresh local seasonal fruit that has taken over my entire fridge.
Here’s to upcoming rock concerts that we’ve been waiting for ages to attend.
Here’s to soon being able to spend lots of homework-free days and nights with my three favourite little (big) people.

IMG_7880The perfect combination of bright yellow farm equipment and vibrant red poppies.  With the addition of the world famous Barolo vineyards in the background.  IMG_7981A dapper young lad on his way to lunch at the famous Slow Food restaurant Boccondivino in the small city of Bra (Piemonte).  He loved it by the way.IMG_7816Another gorgeous rose arrangement in the beautiful Villa Porta Bozzolo. IMG_7810I give her less than a year before she’s taller than me.

IMG_7904Now this is my kind of chapel.

Have a great week folks.

Gratefully Grateful
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Traveling With Kids: The 100 Memories List

4 Oct

I’m over on Classic Play with a new Traveling With Kids column.  This time I share our favourite way to document and preserve our family vacation memories (besides photos).    Click here to read all about it.


Have a great week-end!

Bits and Bobs

1 Oct

I’m in a state of shock that it’s already October.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was lazing at the lake in 40 degree heat with the kids?  Or popping by the local gelateria two times a day for ice cream?  Or picking beautiful tomatoes from my lush and over-growing veggie patch?

But I do so love the fall as well.  I love the golden autumn light in the late afternoon.  I love seeing old men in tweed hats with baskets scouring the woods for funghi.  I love digging out the wool sweaters and leather boots.  I love the smell of roasting chestnuts.  And I really love the fact that the mosquitoes will soon all be dead and leave us in peace for a few months.

Here are a few shots of our September:

Our yearly visit to La Festa Della Zucca (Pumpkin Festival)

Care package.

I’m so happy my daughters didn’t inherit my intense fear of touching bugs of any kind.Listening to scary stories around the bonfire with their ears plugged.  All three of them!

Cupcakes.  Or as the locals say “cap-keeks”.

Walk to the lake on a warm and sunny September Sunday.

Delicious savory mini pretzel buns.  Recipe to follow soon.

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