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18 Nov

I’m someone who hates the cold.  I really despise it.  I escaped Canada due to the arctic, snowy winters to come to the Mediterranean climate of Italy.  And I have to admit that it has come to the point that even Italy is too cold for me.  It doesn’t matter that I have palm trees in my garden and we experience summers with 40 degree weather.  In the winter it has become COLD.  A decade ago when we arrived in Italy the winters were mild and almost spring-like.  Fast forward 10 years and now, by law, we have to put winter tires on our cars due to the ever increasing snowstorms.   And it doesn’t help that the houses aren’t well insulated and are full of stone and marble (you don’t even want to see what get-ups I wear in my house to keep warm…or our monthly gas bill).  So obviously when we go on vacation we tend to go to places that are warm and semi-tropical.  BUT…this following video is so dang cool that it has made even me want to visit, of all places, ICELAND.


I love jellybeans

6 Nov


2 Nov

How incredibly cool is my daughter?  Instead of dressing up as Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus she picked Regine Chassagne from Arcade Fire to dress up as.  Regine is definitely the kind of role model I’d like my daughter to have.  She’s an artist, musician, singer and philanthropist.  While taking these photos she was humming the tune Sprawl II.

Pop-up Book + Lisa Hannigan = Sweet

12 Oct
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