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Origami Obsessed

4 Feb

Every since I was a little girl I’ve been so intrigued by origami.   I’ve always loved all the beautiful shapes and papers and the fact that you can construct something so intricate from one little piece of paper.

When we were in Japan last year we visited lots of shops with the most gorgeous origami paper and ended up coming home with a suitcase full.  Since then we’ve been using it on a daily basis to fold everything from 1000 paper cranes to various origami clothing to frogs that can actually jump.  My kids have adopted my origami passion and I couldn’t be happier (and prouder).

One of my daughters received an origami book for Christmas called Genuine Origami.  The book offers 43 mathematically based origami models with some having up to 144 folds (for one piece of paper).  We have already done a few of the “basic models” from the book and they already had us sweating with all of the special technique folds.  My daughter has a goal of doing every  model in the book before the end of the year.  I think it will be a great father/daughter activity (in other words, I’m not interested in complex mathematical origami).

And since origami has obviously been on our minds lately, we’ve been seeing things related to origami everywhere.  Here are some of our favourites:

Origami Inflatable Scarf  created by Monomatopee (found here).

This origami wallpaper by Dottir and Sonur is absolutely gorgeous.  And I’m seriously thinking of ordering a few rolls for a surprise bedroom makeover for my daughter’s birthday next month.

Once I get on etsy I can’t seem to tear myself away for ages.  I came across these gorgeous pillows by Kissen Studio.  They’re made of silk and linen and come in a variety of origami designs.  I love the paper airplane one as well.

Pinned Image

These diy origami lamps with masking tape are gorgeous (found here).  A great rainy day project perhaps?

I’m in love with these origami inspired kid’s clothing from Uruguayan company Trommpo.  Trommpo specialises in clothing with geometric cuts and bold use of colour and shapes.

Paper Plane Necklace in Gold,  Japanese origami inspired gold pendant jewelry

Once again I found myself on Etsy and I discovered some gorgeous origami jewelery by Schlomit Offir.  They offer many different designs at really reasonable prices (Valentine Origami Necklace is now on sale!).

Do any of you have some favorite origami-inspired products, housewares, clothing etc?

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