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Petit Fours

10 Feb

I don’t have a bucket list but if I did I think attempting to make petit fours would be on it…at about number 87.  And yesterday I did just that.  I attempted to make petit fours.  Key word being attempted.  The result wasn’t the image I had in my head when I started yesterday morning (blush pink miniature cakes with smooth perfect icing and a sweet embellishment on top).  But they are really tasty.  And if I were to ever attempt to make them again (doubtful) I have lots of things I would do differently to make the whole process MUCH easier and less time consuming.  One of the most important aspects of making Petit Fours is making the glaze the perfect consistency.  At first mine was too liquidy.  Then too thick (hence the lumpy result).

The recipe is from on old Martha Stewart magazine from 2006.   I always keep MS magazines and re-read them from time to time (yeah that’s right…I’m a geek).  It’s a marzipan cake which is absolutely delicious.  Very dense and moist.  I spread some raspberry jam in between the cakes and the almond and raspberry tastes really compliment each other.  The glaze is a simple icing sugar/milk mixture.Get Spring Shower Almond Petit Fours recipe here.

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