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Yayoi Kusuma

13 Feb

Next month my family and I are going to Japan for a two week vacation.  It’s a trip I’ve been fantasizing about for years and I am so excited to go.  I’ve always been so intrigued by Japanese culture, art and food (who isn’t?).  The last while we’ve been busily organising and planning our trip and trying to find all the most interesting activities and places to visit with a family.  One of the most exciting ones we’re in the process of organising is a trip to The National Museum of Art in Osaka to see an Yayoi Kusama exhibit.  We weren’t planning on going to Osaka but when we saw this exhibition we decided to fit it into our plans as a daytrip from Kyoto (where we will be staying for almost a week).

Yayoi Kusama is an amazingly interesting and talented Japanese artist who has been voluntarily living in a psychiatric institution since 1977 (she is now 82).  She’s famous for her paintings, sculptures and installations that almost always include polka dots.  She was quite prominent in the modern pop culture scene in New York City in the 60’s where she is said to have had a huge influence on artists such as Warhol.  She has actually just opened a big exhibition at the Tate Modern in London which includes one of her largest “Mirror Rooms” to date (on from February 9th to June 5th).

I pretty sure my polka dot obsessed daughters are going to love this exhibition!

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