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Pomegranate yogurt Parfait

26 Nov

A few years ago a friend of mine made the following dessert for a party in the kindergarten where my children go.  It’s the most delicious and simple dessert and it looks so beautiful when served.  It has three simple ingredients: vanilla yogurt, pomegranate seeds and crushed meringue.  I usually fill a fancy cup a little over half way with the yogurt.  Then I add the seeds to the rim  and then sprinkle the crushed meringue over that.  With the red and white colours it’s also very festive looking for the Christmas season.  

Delicious and beautiful and  healthy!


Melograno Piccolissimo…

9 Oct

A beautiful warm and sunny September Sunday inspired us to head out as a family on our bikes.  We stopped at a local pumpkin festival and I saw this ever so miniscule  pomegranate tree.


9 Oct

Pomegranate – Melograno

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