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8 Nov

Today I sewed the most adorable little smock in the world.  So adorable it actually had me contemplating having a 4th child just so that I would have someone to wear it.  Little kid’s clothing is so sweet and small and gives me pain in my heart that my little ones have grown so long and lanky.  It’s true what all those boring adults said to us as kids about time passing so quickly (while pinching our cheeks).  I mean, it’s November folks.  November!  Sinterklaas (very important day for every Dutch speaking kid on December 6th) and Christmas are just around the corner.  Which means 2013 is upon our heels as well.  Deep breath.

So as I was saying before having that little panic attack, I made a gorgeous little smock from an easy Danish pattern my friend found in Denmark (it helps my other friend is an amazing seamstress and teacher and managed to figure out the pattern even if it was in a foreign language).

I used a beautiful fabric from Petit Pan and some great polka dot bias that I found at an Amsterdam market a few weeks back.  Unfortunately I was short a bit so I had to use some yellow bias for the neckline and armholes but in the end I like all the different colours.

I added a little polka dotted pocket at the front so that the little one can store all of their favorite treasures found on their path.  Emptying my kids pockets is one of my favorite things to do.  The things you find tell so much about their day and their personalities.  There’s actually an amazing initiative by some Dutch ladies that revolve around taking photos of zakschatten (pocket treasures).  Pop over here to read all about it and see some great photos of kid’s pocket treasures.

I’m going to be honest.  I would put my kid in this as a real dress with a shirt and leggings underneath.  It’s too sweet to be just a smock.  You’ve got to love the Danish design and French fabric combination.  Now off to make 10 more of these!

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