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Tattly Tattoos

14 Jul

A while back I was browsing around on-line and ended up on the Tattly Tattoos website.  I was immediately smitten.  Like they say on their website, they sell designy temporary tattoos.  And they are gorgeous!  They have such a huge selection of the most original, stylish and fun tattoos.

It took me ages to actually choose the ones that I ended up purchasing and my kids (and I) love them all.  The girls were invited to an old-fashioned outdoor dance party in an old Italian village and they decided some Tattly tattoos were the perfect special accessories to wear for it.  They went and danced the night away on an old stone dance floor in the middle of a park and had the time of their lives.  My teensy little (10 year old) daughters waltzed home past 11pm.  I’m thinking this is a taste of what our future week-ends will be like.  Oh dear.

One of the things I love is that they only charge $2 for international shipping!  Bonus for us Europe-living fans.  They just celebrated their first birthday and are offering 50% off all orders until Sunday evening (promotional code “1yearold”).

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