Fotografia week 1…

12 Oct

So last night I started a much anticipated photography course in Milan.  It is indeed a bit far and the hour is a bit scomodo but in the end I decided to go for it because I feel as though my photos could use some more depth (and technique).  It’s possible this course will ruin my ability to take spontaneous photos due to the constant thinking of apertures, light readings and white balance, but I’ll give it a go and see the results later (whether good or bad).  The fact it’s in Italian is both positive and negative.  Positive because I get to enrich my vocabulary in Italian.  Negative because I most likely miss a bit of what is being explained.  In any case, the enthusiasm is definitely there and the teacher seems to be very in gamba.

One of our first assignments was to take a photo of 2 objects (placed one in front of the other).  In the first photo the object in back has to be in focus, in the second the object in front has to be in focus and in the third both objects have to be in focus.

Here’s my first attempt at the object in back in focus…

Here’s my first attempt at the photo with object in front in focus…


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