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Salone del Mobile (Milano Design Fair)

23 Apr

Every year in April there is the world famous furniture design fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milano.  It’s a fair that showcases the newest and coolest in furniture and houseware design from countries around the world.

The entire city is transformed into a design wonderland.  If you stroll around certain neighbourhoods (Brera, Tortona and Naviglio to name a few) you’ll find old factories converted into showrooms full of the world’s most innovative new designs.  You’ll also stumble upon smaller, more intimiate design spaces which are located in old stone houses with vaulted ceiling or even car garages that are completey made over to exhibit anything from carpets to garden furniture.

The streets are packed full of people and there’s a really amazing atmosphere everywhere you go.  If you pop by on the Friday or Saturday evening there are many VIP parties, impromptu music concerts in the streets and beautifully clothed people everywhere.  We take our kids every year and they really love it.  There is so much to see, sit on, play with and learn about.

One of the many warehouses that are transformed into an exhibition space.I really fell in love with this bird feeder by designer Frederik RoijeThe famous kitchen in a crate.  You can push all the pieces in and close the lid.  The epitome of space-saver furniture design.

I agree with Ron Arad.  We have to let our children get bored.  It almost always results in the most fabulous creations.  That dreaded “Mom, I’m bored” could actually be the start to something beautiful.The e-bay building.  Is there anything happier than a kitchen that is almost entirely yellow?

A hot tub that will heat your wok/frying pan for dinner then chop your wood?  Yes please.The new version of the exercise bike that you use for a few weeks then retire to the corner of your bedroom.Il Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2013 will be held from April 9-14th (according to several online sites…dates not guaranteed).


Robert Mapplethorp with the kids

23 Jan

For those of you who are familiar with the famous photographer Robert Mapplethorp you’ll be surprised to hear that we took our three young children to see one of his exhibits last week-end.  And I must admit there were a few photographs that were very explicit (if you get my drift).  We’ve been taking our children to all sorts of art exhibits and shows since they were months old.  Most have been thoroughly enjoyed and a few a bit less (I remember one Paul McCarthy exhibit in Milan where we had to carry out a few of the kids in tears).  Some people disagree with exposing kids to topics that are out of the average comfort zone.  We decided long ago to expose them to a wide range of different artists and types of art.  We find our kids don’t register or even really see the stuff they’re not ready for.  And the animated conversations we’ve had with our kids after these exhibits have been amazingly interesting. 

The kids have been refering to this art show as “the penis exhibit” due to…well….the hundreds of photos of penises.  But there were also Mapplethorp’s beautiful flower portraits (also quite erotic but the kids don’t see that).  If interested the show is on at Fondazione Forma in Milan until April 2nd.  Go on…take the kids as well!

Fotografia week 1…

12 Oct

So last night I started a much anticipated photography course in Milan.  It is indeed a bit far and the hour is a bit scomodo but in the end I decided to go for it because I feel as though my photos could use some more depth (and technique).  It’s possible this course will ruin my ability to take spontaneous photos due to the constant thinking of apertures, light readings and white balance, but I’ll give it a go and see the results later (whether good or bad).  The fact it’s in Italian is both positive and negative.  Positive because I get to enrich my vocabulary in Italian.  Negative because I most likely miss a bit of what is being explained.  In any case, the enthusiasm is definitely there and the teacher seems to be very in gamba.

One of our first assignments was to take a photo of 2 objects (placed one in front of the other).  In the first photo the object in back has to be in focus, in the second the object in front has to be in focus and in the third both objects have to be in focus.

Here’s my first attempt at the object in back in focus…

Here’s my first attempt at the photo with object in front in focus…

Elephant Parade

10 Oct

When we were strolling around Milan a few weeks ago we saw beautifully painted and decorated elephant statues everywhere.  This open air art exhibit is in support of elephant preservation and conservation in Asia.  http://elephantparade.com/

Saturday afternoon in Milano

10 Oct

The girls and I decided to drive into Milan to get our big city fix (and to see a kid’s theatre production).  It was really hot.  It was really crowded.  And we loved breathing in that smell of a city in full tilt.

Passeggiata time on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milano Centro.

I’ve been coming to Milan for more than a decade but it never ceases to amaze me that every single time I see the Duomo I need to stop, catch my breath and marvel and this magestic piece of architecture.

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