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Christmas Eve Day Passeggiata

24 Dec

It is such a gorgeous day here in Italy.  Beautiful clear sky.  A warm foehn wind.  And breathtaking views over the mountains.  We set off this morning on a little walk through our town and local forest.

I have a feeling someone likes polka dots.

Abandoned villa down the street.

Is there anything sweeter than a Papa and his daughter holding hands?

Auguroni a tutti!



4 Dec

Another beautiful day along the lake.  Sunny but chilly.  Perfect for a morning passeggiata (stroll).

Saturday afternoon in Milano

10 Oct

The girls and I decided to drive into Milan to get our big city fix (and to see a kid’s theatre production).  It was really hot.  It was really crowded.  And we loved breathing in that smell of a city in full tilt.

Passeggiata time on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milano Centro.

I’ve been coming to Milan for more than a decade but it never ceases to amaze me that every single time I see the Duomo I need to stop, catch my breath and marvel and this magestic piece of architecture.

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