Dolcetto o scherzetto

1 Nov

I live in a very small Italian town.  I think the latest population count was around 3000.  Usually Halloween isn’t celebrated or even known in Italy but in our little village it is the most awaited evening of the year for at least 150 of the 3000 inhabitants.  I guess the fact there are a few North Americans living here has helped the adoption of Halloween (fun fact…we are 3 North Americans with twins in this ever so small paese…something in the water?).

Halloween is my opportunity to make all sorts of delicious North American specialties for the locals to try.  So far they’ve been very fond of all the new desserts.  Cheesecake, cupcakes, pumpkin pies, Hello Dolly squares….it’s possible they all went to bed with a bad case if indigestione.

Black and orange aren’t my favourite colour palattes to work with so I’ve decided to use the colours that inspire me.  Plus, we’re in Italy…it’s not like they know Halloween is all about dark and dreary.It’s amazing what kids can do with a few used greasy pizza boxes.


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