Zipper Fear

1 Nov

I’ve been sewing for years.  I absolutely love it but have never really learned the basics.  Slowly over the years I’ve managed to teach myself some of the most important techniques you need to know to be able to sew the absolute basics.  But there’s one thing I’ve had a mental block about for years.  An irrational fear of.  Something that has held me back in my sewing adventures.  The zipper.  So this morning I decided that I would have to try to sew a simple lined zipper pouch.  I dug out my zipper box.  Over the years I’ve accumulated all sorts of different size and colour of zippers.  Waiting for this moment. 

Here are all the pieces I’ll need to make my lined zipper pouch.  Doesn’t look too intimidating yet.

Wish me luck.

{update: the zippered pouch didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.  There were a few minor hitches along the way (how did one of the interior linings end up on the exterior?).  I’m going to try again today.  I WILL succeed at sewing a zipper!}


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