8 Nov

I don’t know what has come over me.  As soon as Halloween was over I was mentally planning and thinking about Christmas decorations.  This is not normal for me.  Usually we spend the holidays in Canada or Belgium but this year we decided to stay in Italy at our own home for once.  And we’re all really excited about it.  Of course we will miss being with our families but the thought of decorating our house and having a cosy Christmas morning in front of the fire is very appealing.  So by November 1st I was already busy sewing the first of our Christmas decorations…

Our theme this year is definitely red and white.  We will do our whole tree in just those two colours.  We went to the fabric shop and purchased some felt and this was our first project.  A simple garland using silver thread.  After we made this one I saw one of my twin daughters cutting up some tiny hearts.  She said she was making a heart garland for her twin sister to show her how much she loves her.  Seriously!  I almost melted on the spot.


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