30 Dec

Reupolster is one of those words that looks so wrong when you write it.  Or maybe I’ve just simply spelled it incorrectly.

I woke up this morning with the idea in my head that my dining room chairs NEEDED to be reupolstered (there’s that word again).  I had bought some great fabric for it over 6 months ago.  I tend to let these ideas sit for a while before acting on them.  These are chairs that the kids use at their “art table” in the living room.  In other words they get absolutey stained and filthy within  days of being reupolstered.

This new fabric is bright and sunny and just makes me happy. 

Old upholstered chair on far left.  Newly upholstered chair on far right.

Luckily the men of the house decided they wanted to do the actual upholstering.

Finished product.  Now we just need to work on re-painting the woodwork on the chairs.  Oh and maybe getting rid of those ugly stone floors and replacing it with lovely wood….


One Response to “Reupolstering”

  1. Margaret Swain December 31, 2011 at 22:19 #

    very bright fabric

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