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Fabric Scrap IKEA Chair

11 Jun

A few weeks ago a good friend drove up my driveway and surprised me with two small chairs from IKEA (called Jules) that her big kids didn’t use anymore.  It’s funny because I was just recently looking for new chairs for my twin daughter’s room and the ones that she so generously dropped off to me were the ones that I had actually been looking at to buy.  Very serendipitous.


So there I was looking at these little white chairs in my kitchen and I just happened to have a small basket of material scraps next to me (which is often the case for me).  I had a few minutes to waste before making dinner so just started playing around with the scraps and the little holes in the back of the chair.  A few minutes later my daughter came in and started to help me.  We busily cut and wove and tied bows and ended up with the sweetest little chair for their bedroom.

IMG_8823The chair matches their very colourful room perfectly and the girls are so happy with their new “office chairs”.  Many hours are spent sitting at their desk sketching, writing pen-pal letters and doing homework.  IMG_8558Even the back is pretty with all the different coloured bows.  There are so many different ways you could decorate this chair with fabrics of every kind (patterned, solids, linens, cottons…).  1-IMG_6699

Above is another diy project I made with an everyday IKEA product.  These little fabric covered bulletin boards (made from kitchen cork boards) are great to hang up on walls and closets to display everything from the kid’s art to photos.  See post here.

Viva IKEA!



30 Dec

Reupolster is one of those words that looks so wrong when you write it.  Or maybe I’ve just simply spelled it incorrectly.

I woke up this morning with the idea in my head that my dining room chairs NEEDED to be reupolstered (there’s that word again).  I had bought some great fabric for it over 6 months ago.  I tend to let these ideas sit for a while before acting on them.  These are chairs that the kids use at their “art table” in the living room.  In other words they get absolutey stained and filthy within  days of being reupolstered.

This new fabric is bright and sunny and just makes me happy. 

Old upholstered chair on far left.  Newly upholstered chair on far right.

Luckily the men of the house decided they wanted to do the actual upholstering.

Finished product.  Now we just need to work on re-painting the woodwork on the chairs.  Oh and maybe getting rid of those ugly stone floors and replacing it with lovely wood….

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