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Fabric Scrap Christmas Balls

7 Dec

This year I haven’t had so much time to make lots of new Christmas decorations but I have made some of these little fabric-scrap Christmas balls for our tree (I also sold some at the Swedish Christmas Market).  They are super easy to do and a perfect holiday craft for kids.  And they’re beautiful!  Mine might not be in the traditional Christmas colours but they do brighten up any tree or room.  And what a great way to use up all those fabric scraps you’ve been saving for years (or is that just me who does that?).


First of all you need to get your hands on some Styrofoam balls (of any size).  Take a long wooden skewer and gently make a hole that goes all the way through the ball from the top to the bottom.  It might take a few stabs to get it through.

Now take a piece of ribbon and gently push it through the hole with the help of the wooden skewer so that it comes out the other end.  Tie a knot so that it doesn’t slip back through the hole (I also added some wooden beads on both sides of the ball).


Combine white glue in a bowl with some water (it should be quite liquid-y) and grab a small paintbrush.


Go through your material scraps and pick out a selection of your favorite materials.  Cut them into small pieces of different shapes.


Now you just have to glue the tiny fabric scraps on the ball.  I brush a bit of the watered down glue directly on the ball then as well on top of the material.  You can overlap the scraps so that no white shows from the ball.  Be a bit careful not to get too much glue on the ribbon (or else it will turn stiff).  Let hang to dry overnight.


We’ve made over a dozen so far and they look really lovely on our tree.




20 Mar

The time has come to start the planning, organising and decorating for my twin daughters’ birthday.  And this year being the big double digit birthday means they’ll be a lot to celebrate and with a lot of people.

I went into my sewing room with plans to organise laundry and iron.  This is what I did instead.  Not sure if it’s going to be a pinata (all that work to be bashed to pieces!?) or a decoration to hang from a tree.   Now off to organise some surprise activities for the girl’s party this week-end…

The Tea Party

22 Jan

This morning I noticed that my twin daughters were busily cleaning up and organising their room.  I heard furniture being moved, saw dishes being stolen from the kitchen and noticed their little hands rummaging through our party decoration box.  This is what I found when I finally went upstairs to see what all the commotion was about.Apparently they had decided to have a tea party for their two friends who live next door.

They decided that Pumpkin Spice cake was to be served  (and baked together with their invites). The guests arrived, baked, played then ate.  And were all very happy.  A perfect Sunday afternoon.

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