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22 Feb

It’s Friday folks.  And I couldn’t be happier about it.   Getting into the early morning school routine is always so difficult after a vacation.  And the snowy weather the last few days really made me want to cocoon at home with the kids in front of the fire.


During the snowstorm yesterday I made these Oatmeal Raspberry Squares (raspberry variation of these from The Pioneer Woman).  They are just so amazingly delicious.  And I realize I say that about every recipe I post about on this blog but I just have a talent for finding and trying out recipes that are delectable. Might help that the majority involve large quantities of brown sugar and butter.

These squares are so quick and simple to whip up.  In less than 10 minutes prep time they were in the oven baking.  And I just want to boast about the fact that I didn’t even try one tiny little piece of these bars when I made them yesterday.  My no-sugar-during-the-week rule is still on (5 months) and even though it took every ounce of self-control my body had to offer I made it until today to have a taste (past noon on Friday is considered week-end to me).  Yesterday evening I watched my family devour them and ooh and aah about how yummy they were and I sat there, with my jaw tightly clenched, and resisted the urge to shove my face in the pan and polish off the entire thing.  Round of applause please.


Another little piece of news is that my Embroidery With Kids craft is on Disney’s Spoonful blog at the moment.  Exciting stuff.

Indian Butter Chicken Meatballs

I also wanted to share the link for this recipe for Indian Butter Chicken Meatballs.  I made it for the family this week and and it was a huge hit,  So much flavour and simple to make up beforehand.  My kids all said it was one of their favorite meals (ALL of them…it’s a miracle).

Besides going to an Irish Dance Show on Saturday evening, we have a very relaxing and low-key week-end planned.  Lots of walks in the woods, pancakes and some puppy-sitting for friends.  Hope you all have a lovely week-end!


Embroidery With Kids

6 Feb


The last ten days have been a little rough around this household.  A few kids caught an evil virus and were laid up with high fever for over a week.  I don’t remember the last time any of my kids were so sick.   And I had forgotten what it’s like to be house-bound for OVER A WEEK.  But we survived.  And we had some lovely moments together over the past ten days.


At a certain point I was fed up of playing Connect Four, Phase 10 and Ingenious so I went and started rummaging through my sewing room for some ideas of something creative to do with sick kids.  I found an old box full of wooden embroidery rings, a roll of old burlap, large needles and some colourful yarn and thread.  A perfect activity for kids who don’t have the energy to get off the couch but are bored and in need of something to do with their hands.


Using burlap to teach kids embroidery is ideal because it’s so easy to get the needle and thread/yarn through the largely woven fabric and even possible to reverse if a mistake is made.  And the contrast of the earthy textured brown material with brightly coloured thread  is absolutely lovely.  One little piece of advice would be to always zigzag the edges of the burlap beforehand to reduce fraying.


I quickly showed the kids the basics of embroidery and then left them to create whatever pattern came to mind.  We all sat around the living room with the fire blazing and listening to classical music playing in the background.  So cozy and slightly Little House on the Prairie-ish.


After the designs were done we made them into little miniature pillows using different coloured velvets for the back.  The kids are so proud of their creations.  Their mama as well.


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