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14 Mar

Quite often these days I find that my iphone goes missing for long periods of time.  After browsing through the photos on it I’ve discovered why…

I love kid’s perspective on life.



16 Feb

My sunset view while waiting for the kids to finish up their tennis lesson.


6 Feb

Trip to the grocery store en famille.  Eva noticed that people were staring at her and smiling.  Amazing how a little colour and whimsical fashion can make people happy.


30 Dec

After many wonderful years with my beloved old school nokia my husband bought me an iphone for Christmas.  I could have managed for another decade with my nokia but even my kids were telling me to enter into the new millenium (12 years late).  Over the last few days I’ve been experimenting with my hipstamatic app.  It’s fun.  I still prefer my good old fashioned camera though.

New Christmas boots.

Boxing day mini golf.

Milano-Genova highway on a sunny clear day.

Neighbourhood dog.

Bosco walk.

Miss Coco.

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