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Strawberry Box

9 Apr


Is it just me or does the out-of-control over-packaging of produce drive anyone else insane?  The other day I bought a few strawberries for my family and I’m pretty sure there was more wood than berries in the heavy-duty packaging.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the wooden trays so I put them on top of my fridge and thought that I’d find a use for them.

In the end I realised that they would make the perfect cupcake/muffin transporter.  I’m constantly baking cupcakes and muffins to take to friends and I’m always stuck on how to package them nicely so that they don’t get squished or fly off a plate while in the car.

I simply glued some nice paper (I used origami paper we bought in Japan last year) on the sides of the wooden crate.  That’s it.  I love the fact that this is a fast, simple and inexpensive way to re-cycle some unnecessary grocery store packaging.

You could use these for so many things.  Besides for muffins and cupcakes I’ll be using them this summer for when I give away fruits and vegetables from our garden (because I always end up planting enough to feed the entire neighbourhood).

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