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Guest Post: One Bunting Away

24 Dec

{Note from Jillian: So here I am in the land of incessant rain and square pillows.  We arrived in Belgium yesterday evening and have already been stuffed with Chocolates and french fries.  The kids are in heaven and haven’t left their grandparents side since we arrived.  The Christmas table is set for this evening (17 adults and 9 kids) and the turkey has been picked up from the butcher’s.  Soon various family members will arrive with cousins of every age (and we’ll meet our latest niece for the first time!).  Christmas is indeed a wonderful time of year.  

Today I have my latest guest post from fellow blogger Giova from One Bunting Away.  Giova graciously wrote this lovely post about some little shops she found in Paris that are full of everything a crafter could ever hope for from one of my favourite brands Petit Pan.  I think a trip to Paris is in order so I can go spend some time (and money) in these little boutiques.  Pop over to One Bunting Away for some wonderful images and stories from two sisters who live on opposite sides of the ocean but have a shared passion for art and anything creative!}

petit pan3

I’m so happy that Jillian invited me to her colorful blog (I hope you are feeling better). And since we share a love of fabric, especially Petit Pan, I thought of nothing better than to show you this very colorful shop in Paris which is filled with great things that we need to have (even if in reality we really don’t!).

petit pan2

Some weekends ago on a very short trip to Paris, I went on my little excursion-a must always when I’m there- to Rue Francois Miron (which is where 3 Petit Pans are located, and of course some other nice stores too), but it is such a delight to be able to go into one and then another, and then another, and not have to walk more than ten steps each time!
You can find not only very colorful fabrics and you can see from the picture below, but all sorts of knick knacks for the avid crafter and sewer.  The middle store is one dedicated to children where they sell wonderful toys, pijamas, bed sheets, garlands and room decorations.
petit pan1Petit Pan has a wide range of prices, so I think there is something for every budget, and even if you don’t buy anything you’ll be inspired for sure.
I hope you liked the little tour of this store. And thanks again Jillian for having me here!



De Vuile Winkel

22 Jul

We arrived at my in-laws at midnight on a Friday evening and by 9:30am the next day my mother-in-law and I could be found browsing through our favorite local fabric shop.

It’s a shop that used to be referred to as De Vuile Winkel (The Dirty Shop) due to the fact it was located in an old decrepit four-story house with narrow wooden staircases and room upon room full of materials, old and new.  It was an experience just to browse through all those stacks of materials and a few times we found some great vintage fabrics (see here).

But a few months ago they decided they were in need of more room so they moved to a bright, large and spacious new spot.  And it’s gorgeous.

While there made our way to the corner with our favorite fabrics from Petit Pan, Echino and Kokka.  And as you can see from the photo, we left with our arms full (and big smiles on our faces).

If you ever find yourself in Kortrijk, Belgium I would recommend you pop into De Soldeur (De Vuile Winkel‘s real name).

And after just a few days the first creation was made.  My mother-in-law sewed this sweet little cotton skirt (material from Petit Pan) with a stretch jersey waistband for my daughter (who picked out the fabrics herself).  It really is the perfect summer skirt.  And it’s ready just in time for actual warm summer weather here in Belgium.  Halleluja

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