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Echino Purse

15 Feb

The other day some good friends and I got together for our weekly sewing morning  and we decided to try out a pattern from a new sewing book I received my mother called 101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  The book is full of patterns for various bags, purses, clothing, toys and other household items and no project asks for more than a metre of fabric.  The patterns are all really well explained with clear instructions.  I have to admit that the spats (cowboy boot covers) found on page 147 will not be made by me though.


We decided to sew the Scrunchie Bag (page166) because it’s a big and roomy casual purse that we thought would come in quite handy.  I decided to use a gorgeous fabric with vintage typewriters on it by the Japanese brand Kokka (Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shining).  For the inside of the bag I used a spotted linen that I purchased in Japan last year.  The two fabrics compliment each other perfectly.


We loved the fact that there were rings for the strap and that the top was elasticized.  Both new sewing techniques for us.  We cut and finished sewing the bag in less than three hours.  My kind of sewing project.


I’m quite in love with my new typewrite purse.

(here’s my last sewing project using Echino fabric)


De Vuile Winkel

22 Jul

We arrived at my in-laws at midnight on a Friday evening and by 9:30am the next day my mother-in-law and I could be found browsing through our favorite local fabric shop.

It’s a shop that used to be referred to as De Vuile Winkel (The Dirty Shop) due to the fact it was located in an old decrepit four-story house with narrow wooden staircases and room upon room full of materials, old and new.  It was an experience just to browse through all those stacks of materials and a few times we found some great vintage fabrics (see here).

But a few months ago they decided they were in need of more room so they moved to a bright, large and spacious new spot.  And it’s gorgeous.

While there made our way to the corner with our favorite fabrics from Petit Pan, Echino and Kokka.  And as you can see from the photo, we left with our arms full (and big smiles on our faces).

If you ever find yourself in Kortrijk, Belgium I would recommend you pop into De Soldeur (De Vuile Winkel‘s real name).

And after just a few days the first creation was made.  My mother-in-law sewed this sweet little cotton skirt (material from Petit Pan) with a stretch jersey waistband for my daughter (who picked out the fabrics herself).  It really is the perfect summer skirt.  And it’s ready just in time for actual warm summer weather here in Belgium.  Halleluja


15 May

Usually when I buy a beautiful expensive fabric I hoard it away in my cupboard for at least a year or two before actually getting the nerve to use it.  I get it from my father who does the same thing with shoes and clothes.  He calls it the “purchase resting  period”.

But after buying those beautiful Echino fabrics in Japan I was really itching to sew something beautiful and usable with them.  So I decided to use this bird patterned linen/cotton mix for a purse I was making in my sewing group.  I think it helped that we were being led by a very experienced sewer who I knew would make sure the purse turned out perfectly.

It’s a lined purse with pleats, zipper AND piping.  A real make-you-sweat pattern.  But the result is beautiful.

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