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Snow Day

3 Feb

Yesterday morning my kids woke up at 6:30 and stared at their school’s website, praying for a snow day.  And it paid off.  By about 6:45 the school put up the announcement that school was called off for the day due to snowy weather.  There were a lot of cheers.  I heard them from my bed.  So we spent the day baking bagels, learning to make traditional danish buns (from a Danish friend), going to the park with the sleds, playing in the snowy garden and then going out sledding for a second time on the grounds of a local castle.  By the end of the day the kids were red cheeked, happy and in need of a mug of hot chocolate.

Not a bad backdrop to admire while your kids throw themselves down a snowy hill.

Chrysanthemum didn’t appreciate the snow so much.  She has delicate feet.

Good Bye House

10 Jan

I just got back from a quick visit to my childhood home in Canada.  It was a busy week full of all sorts of special events: meeting my nephew (and godson) for the first time, attending his christening in my grandmother’s church, meeting my sister-in-law’s family from Australia, spending time with my grandmother, parents, step-parents, siblings and good friends and attending my Grandmother’s 90th birthday party.  It was a beautiful week.

I also had to say goodbye to my childhood home.  My mother recently sold it and last week my last time staying there.  It is a lovely old wooden house that I lived in from the time I was five until twenty years old.  I’ll miss it’s nightly creaks, the “secret room”, the fifties bathroom tiles, the walk-in cold room in the basement, the etched glass doors to the living and dining room, the sunroom, the front porch and the tangled garden.  It was a great place to grow up and a great place to take my children to visit.  We’ll all have many fond memories of the house for many years to come.

I think this is a pretty perfect way to remember 2422 Harvard Street.


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