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La Gallina Brutta

27 Feb

I have a theory about chickens that I’ve come up with over the past years being a chicken owner.  Here it is.  The uglier the chicken is, the more beautiful it’s eggs are.  The photo above is of Poppy.  Poppy is a Marans chicken and has been with us for over a year and she lays the most beautiful bordeaux red eggs.  But let’s be honest, she is…..ugly.  Many people don’t realise that it’s possible to have a chicken with a nice looking face but it indeed is.  We once had a chicken named Delphinium and she had a very sweet face and a lovely disposition (I can hear you laughing).

Poppy is a wide chicken as well (read obese).  She can’t fly.  She’s missing quite a few feathers on her neck (thanks to her roommates). And she spends her days pecking at my kitchen window trying to get at the bowl of cat food inside.  But we don’t mind.  We love her just the same and appreciate her beautiful eggs every single day.


Snow Day

3 Feb

Yesterday morning my kids woke up at 6:30 and stared at their school’s website, praying for a snow day.  And it paid off.  By about 6:45 the school put up the announcement that school was called off for the day due to snowy weather.  There were a lot of cheers.  I heard them from my bed.  So we spent the day baking bagels, learning to make traditional danish buns (from a Danish friend), going to the park with the sleds, playing in the snowy garden and then going out sledding for a second time on the grounds of a local castle.  By the end of the day the kids were red cheeked, happy and in need of a mug of hot chocolate.

Not a bad backdrop to admire while your kids throw themselves down a snowy hill.

Chrysanthemum didn’t appreciate the snow so much.  She has delicate feet.

Portrait of a chicken

18 Nov

Today I went and bought yet another lens cap.  I seem to lose them on a weekly basis lately.  This time the shop owner convinced me to buy the white balance lens cap.  He says it makes using the custom WB feature a breeze because you don’t have to cart around a gray card.  Sounded good to me.  You just snap a photo with the lens on and set it.  I tried it this afternoon for the first time and this is the result.Doesn’t seem very accurate in terms of colour and light to me.  But I actually like the effect. It gives Chrysanthemum a very surreal, Alfred Hitchcock look.   Here’s one using the gray card method. Colours are more realistic.  Creepy chicken though.

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