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Latte Concentrato Zuccherato

14 Dec

Who would have thought finding sweetened condensed milk would be so difficult in Italy.  I recently found a recipe that calls for said milk and I started my search for it in the shops 2 weeks ago.  It was not to be found anywhere.  So yesterday while in Milan I popped into one of the mega grocery stores (that are opening up everywhere here at the moment).  I searched the baking aisle and the milk section to no avail.  Finally I came across these tubes of Latte Intero Concentrato Zuccherato by Nestle in the section that sells Gatorade.  And on these tubes it’s written Ideale per lo sport e il tempo libero (Ideal for sport and free time).  What?  I rushed home to consult the European husband and he looked at me like I was completely daft that I didn’t know that everyone in Europe sucks this sugared condensed milk out of a tube while doing sports (especially skiing).  I think he even said that that was the “original use” for condensed milk.

Just look at all those athletes that have obviously just sucked a tube of condensed milk!  Just the thought makes my gag reflex go into full tilt.

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