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Traveling With Kids: The Travel Savings Jar

14 Jan

For this month’s Traveling With Kids column I wrote all about my favourite and relatively pain-free way to save money for future travel adventures with your family.  The Travel Jar has worked for us for years and has provided spending money for some of our favorite trips around the world.  So if you’re in need of a way to help your family save a little bit of extra cash this is the thing for you!  Read full post here.how-to-save-money-for-travel-


Traveling With Kids: Geocaching

28 Jan

I’m over on Classic Play with my newest Traveling With Kids column.  This time I talk about our new family hobby geocaching.  Yep, it’s not just for techies anymore.  It’s a great way to get your family out of the house and in the great outdoors.  My kids are so enthusiastic about it and we’ve discovered some fantastic new places where we live (you can see my kids doing it in our local park in this PBS Pen Pal video).  We’re also really looking forward to geocaching on our upcoming trip to Morocco.  So, any other geocaching families out there?


Jillian In Italy Interview on Pret A Voyager!

28 Feb

Anne from the lovely travel blog Pret A Voyager interviewed me about my travel experiences and it’s up on her blog today.   Pop on over to take a peek (there are lots of photos too!).


“Traveling With Kids” Column on Classic Play! (House Swapping)

31 Oct

Time again for one of my Traveling With Kids columns on the wonderful blog Classic Play!.  This time I write a bit about our house-swapping experiences.  We’ve done three so far and they have all been very positive.  It’s a great way to “live like a local” and save some serious cash.   I talk about the pros and cons of swapping and the fact I’m still on the fence about what I really feel about it.  I’ll be honest, it’s weird having strangers in your house and using your things.  Take a look and let me know what you think about house-swapping and your experiences.

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