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The Sad Little Chair

25 Sep

Last week I popped by my favorite local Mercatino Usato (2nd hand shop) because I was on the hunt for some vintage fabrics.  While there I came across this very old, sturdy and sad looking child’s chair.

Obviously I didn’t need the chair because all of my kids are big and lanky and tall.  But for 3 euro I just had to take it home with me.

First I gave it a few coats of primer (because I hate to sand).  Then I gave it a coat of a nice white high gloss paint.

And then I started washi-ing it.  I couldn’t stop.

Like the old Japanese proverb says “Washi makes everything more beautiful”.  It’s a very old saying.

After I had finished taping it I sprayed it with an acrylic paint varnish.  That way the tape is on there sicurely and won’t peel off.
I might have gone a little overboard but the chair is definitely not sad anymore.  And now I must go clean those windows in the picture.



11 Jul

The other day I made a quick stop into my favorite mercatino usato (2nd hand shop) and found this little table on wheels.  It was brown and ugly.  And did I mention it was brown?  I hate brown.  The guy who owns the shop couldn’t believe I actually wanted to buy it.

I’ve been looking for a little table to put my computer on in the evening while I’m browsing the internet, blogging or watching downloaded episodes of Mad Men.  I’ve started getting paranoid about always having the computer sitting on my lap.  That heat must have long term bad effects on our thighs.

So I brought it home, gave it a coat of primer and then three coats of paint and called it a day (I don’t like sanding).  I’m really happy with the result and love the fact that it’s on wheels and I can push it around from couch to couch and room to room.  I kind of feel like a stewardess sometimes.
It really is amazing what a few coats of white paint can do!

Facelift: Armadio

11 Jun

A while back I received this old sticker-covered cupboard from a friend who was getting rid of it.  It took me three hours to get the hundreds of stickers off the cupboard doors (my fingertips were raw and bloody by the end). After the de-stickering I gave it a few coats of white paint.

I  then ordered some wallpaper samples from an online shop in Holland.And this is the result.For now I’ve left the big cupboard door white.  Good idea or would it look better with wallpaper?A great way to brighten up and bring new life to old furniture!

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