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Moroccan Snapshots *2*

19 Mar

A few more snapshots from our trip to Morocco…

IMG_4913Our favourite Moroccan cat sleeping on the outdoor terrace of our favourite Moroccan guesthouse.

IMG_4995 Almond blossoms with abandoned Kasbah in the background.


IMG_5038After a 5 hour hike to an isolated Berber village we were invited to have lunch in a local family’s home.  They made us the best tasting meal of our lives using this simple gas fire and metal tagine.


Moroccan chicken.  Without the delicious spices. Yet.
IMG_5166A great way to sit back and relax after a 10 hour hike in the mountains.

Moroccan Snapshots *1*


Monte Generoso Switzerland

30 May

This past week-end we went on a little hike in the mountains of Switzerland.  We reached the 1704m summit of Monte Generoso by a little cogwheel train that we caught in Capolago on Lake Lugano. 

The views from the top of Monte Generoso are absolutely spetacular.  On a clear day you can see all the local lakes (Lugano, Maggiore, Como and Varese), mountain ranges and even Milan in the distance.

There are beautiful trails for every kind of hiker (15 minute walks to 4 hour hikes) .  Some take you through Swiss cow pastures where you’ll hear the lovely sound of cowbells and see the dairy cows chewing their cud and minding their own business.  A great hike to take kids on is the trail that leads you to some ancient bear caves where you can have a guided tour of the cavern and all its 20 000 year old bones and remains.  My kids absolutely loved it.View down to a little Swiss town from our picnic spot.Dancing amongst the Swiss Dairy cows.  I could only think of chocolate when I saw them.  Delicious Swiss milk chocolate.Looking for fossils along trail.  And there are many to be found!

This is enough to give a mama a heart attack (until she realises there is a little landing below and not a cliff).

For more information check out the Monte Generoso official site for timetables, activities and any other information you might need to organise a trip there with friends or family.

Pizzone di Laveno

25 Feb

Today we went on a hike in the local mountains.  It was a beautiful clear day and actually very hot (the season to complain about it being too cold has officially closed and we’re heading into the season to complain about the heat).  It was actually above 30 degrees at the top of the mountain!  Wasn’t it just last week that I was obsessed with the coldest temps I’ve ever felt in Italy?  In any case it was wonderfully perfect day for a hike.  The kids practically ran the entire 4 hour up and down hike.  The part of the hike that goes across a seriously vertigo-inducing knife edge was quite scary for this mama of 3 energetic little hikers though.  And the views were unbelievable.  You could see all of the local lakes, Milano in the far distance and the Swiss border and Alps in the near distance.  And all this was a 45 minute drive from my front door!  Love where you live.  And I do.

Looking down Lago Maggiore towards Intra/Verbania.

Looking up Lago Maggiore towards Switzerland.

The traditional “cross at the top” shot and our picnic spot.  Notice little box where there is a log book for everyone to sign.

River Walk

28 Dec

Another vacation day, another walk in the woods.  These walks are amazingly beautiful and fun.  But the effort it takes to get this family of mine out the door can sometimes become exhausting.  It seems as though my kids would be content to stay at home in their pajamas (the same pair) for two weeks straight.  But once I get them out the front door they are running and skipping and enthusiastic to discover something new or some new place.

Since the kids got new rain boots for Christmas they were all very keen to try them out in a little creek just up the road from us.   So off we set.  Boots and all.

After a long walk up the river and a even longer walk in the woods we settled in a patch of sun and lazed and snacked on clementines.

Sacro Monte

8 Dec

It was an incredibly beautiful, sunny and warm day today.  We decided to take advantage of the weather and the fact it was a vacation day (Concepzione Immaculata) and go for a nice walk up the Sacro Monte.   Our kids don’t really know a lot about biblical stories so the walk up the hill with all the little chapels depicting the life of Jesus was actually very interesting for them.  There are 14 chapels and views as far as Milan and of all the local lakes.


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