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Moroccan Snapshots *3*

1 Apr

A few more snapshots of our recent trip to Morocco…

IMG_5372Colourful carpet on the side of the road.IMG_5174
Doesn’t get much more modern than this.IMG_5382As you can tell, he wasn’t amused.  These sheep (along with goats, chickens and a donkey) lived in the inner courtyard of a family home in the Atlas Mountains.


Beautiful light.  Beautiful sun spots.

IMG_5268Considering the fact these were the harem rooms for 80 concubines I wasn’t sure opening that cupboard was such a good idea.IMG_5222

Beautiful old Kasbah, blue skies and stork nests.
IMG_5325He was protecting the DYNAMITE that was buried under that dirt and stone mound in the background. And yes, we did have a picnic in a chicken coop next to it. (taken at a salt mine)

Moroccan Snapshots *1*
Moroccan Snapshots *2*

Moroccan Snapshots *2*

19 Mar

A few more snapshots from our trip to Morocco…

IMG_4913Our favourite Moroccan cat sleeping on the outdoor terrace of our favourite Moroccan guesthouse.

IMG_4995 Almond blossoms with abandoned Kasbah in the background.


IMG_5038After a 5 hour hike to an isolated Berber village we were invited to have lunch in a local family’s home.  They made us the best tasting meal of our lives using this simple gas fire and metal tagine.


Moroccan chicken.  Without the delicious spices. Yet.
IMG_5166A great way to sit back and relax after a 10 hour hike in the mountains.

Moroccan Snapshots *1*

Moroccan Snapshots *1*

12 Mar

A few images of my latest trip to Morocco…

IMG_4819-001Arriving at Menara Marrakech Airport.IMG_4840-001Lovely little carpet shop along the side of the road. Regretting not buying one.IMG_4854-001Handmade Berber carpet with Berber sheep (in the wind)



Delivery truck that was teetering back and forth from the height and weight of those sacks.  A bit scary to drive behind.IMG_4861-001

My dream car.  Pink back-window curtain and all.IMG_4869-001

He wasn’t as sweet as he looks in the photo.


Our first tagine of the trip.  Eaten on a quaint little outdoor terrace under the hot sun overlooking the atlas mountains.  Nice.


Typical Moroccan painted metal door (with small stone village in background) 

I’ll be back with more snapshots soon!

Traveling With Kids: Atlas Mountains, Morocco

7 Mar

Today on the blog Classic Play you can check out my first write-up on our recent trip to Morocco.  This column is about our time spent in the Atlas Mountains (my write up of our time in Marrakesh will be coming up in a few weeks time).  This area of Morocco is so stunning and really gives you a taste of the “real Morocco”.  We met the friendliest and most welcoming people, ate the most delicious food and went on the most gorgeous hikes/treks.  Can you tell we fell in love with the area? I’d recommend to anyone visiting Morocco to rent a car and head this way.  So pop on over and take a look!



19 Feb


Hello! We’re just back from an amazing trip to Morocco in North Africa.  We got to explore some lovely areas in the Atlas Mountains and in the city of Marrakesh and had the most perfect weather the entire time.  We’re all feeling relaxed and re-charged and are even a little bronzed.


The kids were so happy and enthusiastic about everything we did, the places we saw and the people we met.  They have all decided that we should visit Morocco every year for the February break (I guess we should start saving now).1-IMG_6261

They loved the hikes in the mountains, the day-long camel trek, all the new Moroccan foods they tried, the fact they could practice their French, the little kids they got to know and just the fact that the five of us were together experiencing all these new and exciting things together.


A pretty perfect trip for all of us.   


I’ll be writing more about our travels in my Traveling With Kids column over on the blog Classic Play in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

1-IMG_6054ps…this is more painful than it looks.

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