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Traveling With Kids: Geocaching

28 Jan

I’m over on Classic Play with my newest Traveling With Kids column.  This time I talk about our new family hobby geocaching.  Yep, it’s not just for techies anymore.  It’s a great way to get your family out of the house and in the great outdoors.  My kids are so enthusiastic about it and we’ve discovered some fantastic new places where we live (you can see my kids doing it in our local park in this PBS Pen Pal video).  We’re also really looking forward to geocaching on our upcoming trip to Morocco.  So, any other geocaching families out there?


Traveling With Kids: The 100 Memories List

4 Oct

I’m over on Classic Play with a new Traveling With Kids column.  This time I share our favourite way to document and preserve our family vacation memories (besides photos).    Click here to read all about it.


Have a great week-end!

Traveling With Kids: South Shore, Nova Scotia

13 Sep

My newest Traveling With Kids column is over on Classic Play today.  And this one hits home for me.  Literally.  I write all about our time spent on the South Shore of my hometown province of Nova Scotia. I don’t want to sound biased but it really is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The South Shore of Nova Scotia is all about the simple life.  Great beaches, picturesque fishing villages, cozy little cafes and bakeries and lots of hikes and walks along the beautiful coastlines and in the local forests.  In other words, the perfect destination for a summer family vacation.


Traveling With Kids: Paris

25 Jul

My new Traveling With Kids column over on Classic Play today.  This time I write about some great Parisian kid-friendly activities, restaurants, workshops and events.  Paris is a great city full of so many beautiful must-see sights but when traveling with kids you need to include some special kid centered moments during the day to keep everyone happy (and sane).  There’s everything from a kid’s music festival to personalized family bike tours to Cordon Bleu cooking workshops.  Pop on over!paris_2

Traveling With Kids: Top 10 Travel Products for Families

28 Jun

I’m over on the creative parenting blog Classic Play today talking about my favourite travel products for families.  These products are useful, stylish and great quality so that they’ll last until you send your kids off to university.  If you’re a traveling family I’d love to hear about any favourite products that make life easier while on vacation.  Read post here.


Traveling With Kids: Lago Maggiore, Northern Italy

31 May

There’s a new Traveling With Kids post up on the wonderful creative parenting blog Classic Play today.  This time I take you on a little tour of Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy. I’ve lived in this region for over a decade and have explored the area with kids of every age (my kids were even born in a little hospital on the shores of the lake).   If you are a family that loves the great outdoors then this is the place for you.  We have world class hiking, water sports and activities of every kind and quaint picturesque towns.  Not to mention the city of Milan less than an hour away.  It’s a pretty dreamy place if I do say so myself.

Lago-Maggiore-Italy Read post here.

Traveling With(out) Kids

2 May

Have any of you ever left the kids with your parents, siblings or friends and headed out on a solo vacation with your partner?  Ever since we became parents over a decade ago we have been stealing away for a day or two (and a few times even a week) to get some much needed time alone.   We come back from these little trips refreshed and rested (physically and mentally) and ready to dive back into our very busy family life.  I’ve written all about it over on the creative parenting blog Classic Play.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts!traveling without kids

Traveling With Kids: Marrakesh

28 Mar

Time for another of my Traveling With Kids columns over on the fabulous creative parenting blog Classic Play.  This time I write about our time spent in the city of  Marrakesh during our recent trip to Morocco.  Marrakesh is a charismatic city full of so much colour and culture.  After our calm time in the Atlas Mountains it was quite a culture shock to arrive in this busy and charismatic city full of everything from monkey tamers, to donkey carriages to vendors selling everything under the sun.  Pop on over to Classic Play to read (and see) more!


Have you ever been to Marrakesh?  What was your favorite spot in the city to visit?

Traveling With Kids: Atlas Mountains, Morocco

7 Mar

Today on the blog Classic Play you can check out my first write-up on our recent trip to Morocco.  This column is about our time spent in the Atlas Mountains (my write up of our time in Marrakesh will be coming up in a few weeks time).  This area of Morocco is so stunning and really gives you a taste of the “real Morocco”.  We met the friendliest and most welcoming people, ate the most delicious food and went on the most gorgeous hikes/treks.  Can you tell we fell in love with the area? I’d recommend to anyone visiting Morocco to rent a car and head this way.  So pop on over and take a look!



19 Feb


Hello! We’re just back from an amazing trip to Morocco in North Africa.  We got to explore some lovely areas in the Atlas Mountains and in the city of Marrakesh and had the most perfect weather the entire time.  We’re all feeling relaxed and re-charged and are even a little bronzed.


The kids were so happy and enthusiastic about everything we did, the places we saw and the people we met.  They have all decided that we should visit Morocco every year for the February break (I guess we should start saving now).1-IMG_6261

They loved the hikes in the mountains, the day-long camel trek, all the new Moroccan foods they tried, the fact they could practice their French, the little kids they got to know and just the fact that the five of us were together experiencing all these new and exciting things together.


A pretty perfect trip for all of us.   


I’ll be writing more about our travels in my Traveling With Kids column over on the blog Classic Play in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

1-IMG_6054ps…this is more painful than it looks.

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